What is Web Content? (Hint: It’s More Than Just Blogging!)

What is Web Content? (Hint: It's More Than Just Blogging!)

Content is king.

Content marketing.

Quality content.

You’ve heard these terms before (from us, if nowhere else), but you might have asked yourself, “What is web content? Do I need a degree in Content Creation to do it? Do I need to create content?”

Do you know what your site ranks for?

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Well, the answer to the last question is a resounding “yes,” but in order to convince you why, we need to ask a more basic question:


What is Web Content?

line drawing of woman floating while using computer
That feeling when the internet gives you exactly what you were looking for.

Briefly put, “web content” is the substance of your brand. The “meat and potatoes” on the plate you’re offering to the world.

Basically, it’s the reason anyone visits your web page or social media channel.

Put this way, it’s easy to see why you definitely, for sure, 100%, absolutely need to focus on content marketing in some way. (It’s what Google is looking for. You’d be stupid not to play their game.)

Which brings us back to that other question you hypothetically asked. The one stuck in the middle. “Do I need a degree in Content Creation?”

ope. You don’t even need a degree in English.

Because there are lots of different things that constitute “content” and you can focus on any of them and still be successful.


Website Pages

graphic of monitor with various colored squares representing images and text blocks
We’re in the website business. (Surprise, surprise.) So, obviously, we think that your website should always come first in your digital marketing strategy.

Your business, product, or ideas need to have a place to live before you start sending them out into the cold, harsh, digital world.

Having content on your website really isn’t negotiable. Whether you write it yourself or not, you need to have information on each of your various web pages that explains who you are and why you’re different.

This is what informs people. This is what intrigues people. This is what invites visitors to become customers.


Blog Posts

aerial view of hands typing on laptop
Ooh, girl, you know I get excited when I talk about blogging!

Blog posts are the perfect way to geek out over something you’re passionate about. You have the freedom and space to go in-depth about an opinion, write a complete guide to something (like “web content”), or put myths about your industry to rest.

Blogs are great, because you only need an internet connection, a good grasp on language, and something valuable to say. No special skills or technology necessary.

Don’t have great grammar? Can’t spell worth a lick? You still have options. You can have a pro edit your words or even research and write the whole thing for you. The ease is in the creation. Paying for a blog post is still much cheaper than paying for, say…



graphic showing nine different chart styles for infographics
Fans of Pinterest know how great infographics are for catching people’s eyes. You know how they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, an infographic is the best of both worlds.

Striking visual design combined with a “just the essentials, please” word count draws people in and informs them at the same time.

nfographics are great for giving statistical info, step-by-step instructions, or turning a short blog post into a snazzier format.

Infographics are easy for an experienced graphic artist, but if you can’t afford one, you can try your hand on DIY sites like Canva and Picmonkey.



hand holding phone with youtube play icon
The #1 YouTuber made an estimated $15 million last year, so it’s hard to ignore the impact that videos can have on your business.

If you aren’t so great with sentence structure and subject-verb agreement on paper, but you’ve got charisma for days, an audio-visual format might be better for you. Which is great, because the tide of the internet seems to be turning in a more video-friendly direction. Internet users are four times more likely to watch a video on something than read about it.

Luckily, you don’t need any special equipment to put a video on YouTube. If you have a smartphone and a computer, you have everything you need to make a video. If you love it and want to go a bit more in-depth, invest in some extra equipment.



graphic of podcast icon
If YouTube sounds great, but having to do your hair and put on an ironed shirt sounds awful, you should meet podcasts.

Podcasts are like internet radio shows that your fans can listen to anywhere, anytime. Clarity started putting out a podcast a few months ago, and we love the effortless way we can talk about what we want without having to answer to a broadcasting company or shill for sponsors.

Producing a high-quality podcast on your own is a little more difficult than producing a video, however. If you listen to our podcast, IWantBusiness, you’ll know that we work with Podcasting Done Right to get our episodes sounding fancy.



ryan gosline meme hey girl i really love how you use memes for marketing
Google has an “Image Search” feature, which means that, yes, images can be considered “web content.”

After all, what is web content if not content you find on the web? And in today’s meme-crazed culture, images are the content most of us prefer (especially Millennials).

Pinterest and Instagram run on a visual-based platform and even sites like Facebook and Twitter feature image sharing for users (your Facebook posts are more than twice as likely to be shared if they feature a link or image).

Humans are visual creatures, so images are something that should show up in just about every aspect of your content marketing. Feature them in your blog posts and web pages to break up articles with lots of text.



kindle with charger tucked between book pages
When you’re ready for the big leagues of content development, that’s when ebooks come in.

Ebooks are a great way to show off your impressive knowledge on a subject without having to get a literary agent or suffocate under a pile of rejection letters. Basically, if you have a wealth of knowledge on any one particular topic and the means to share it in understandable language, you have what it takes to write an ebook.

The best thing about writing an entire ebook? You can sell it! Yes, for money! No, not bitcoin! Actual legal tender!

If you have a website, you can sell it there (or offer it for free in exchange for a customer’s email address, which can be valuable for email marketing) or post it on Amazon. You might not make $100,000 a year off your ebook royalties, but it’s one of the few content marketing methods that directly translates to income.



So what is web content?

Something you should be working on.

Basically, as long as you’re putting interesting information on the internet for people to see, that’s content marketing. So don’t waste any more time (or money) taking yourself out of the game because you “don’t know how to write.”

Get creative and see whether videos, infographics, podcasts, or images are a better solution for you.

Now go make Ryan Gosling proud.

Clarity Creative Group is a digital marketing agency located in beautiful Orlando, Florida. Having to iron shirts (and hair) is the #1 reason we don’t have a YouTube channel yet.

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