So you’ve got a business, your website
is up and running, now what?

If acquiring new clients and customers is your end goal, we want to help you get there. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is one of the most powerful methods of search engine marketing available online. You’ve heard all the buzz words, such as “SEO” and “Optimization,” but the real king of online advertising is the dollar sign. How much does it cost to get you a new sale?

That’s the brass tacks of it all and Pay Per Click Advertising allows us to get that information to you in a very short time. Pay Per Click means simply that, a set cost paid to an ad network for a web visitor clicking on a specific advertisement link. Money spent to build traffic to a designated website, hopefully one that has a method to capture a lead.

Pay Per Click from Scratch

We build our PPC campaigns from scratch. No cookie-cutter, boilerplate, redone, tired programs here. Big box companies will explain that their system works because they’ve already invested tons of money into it and don’t want to make the necessary changes to maximize YOUR unique budget.

Your business is unique and we understand that. Going after the exact keywords that your customers are using is the way we get those clicks and conversions.

Let’s break that down. Pay Per Click advertising is about Impressions, Clicks, and Conversions. How many times the ad is shown is important, because it allows us to glean an important metric, the Click Thru Rate.

If they saw it and clicked on it, BOOM, that’s a Click Thru. That number alone isn’t enough, though, because the Conversion matters more. That is what it is all about. The ad is shown (an impression), Clicked on, and then whatever form or sales piece is closed, meaning the advertisement converted. We are all about those conversions. What good are clicks and a great click thru rate if those visits don’t result in closed business?

PPC Agencies and PPC consultants are available everywhere online. In fact, you’ve probably received an e-mail to your SPAM folder today with someone promoting ads to you. Google may have even sent you a $100 free ad spend coupon for their Adwords system. Free money is great, but when thrown into a wood chipper, the result is still just confetti. What does that mean, exactly?

The Google AdWords platform is powerful. Without someone managing your campaign, executing quality content in the ads, bidding appropriately for keywords, and monitoring your results, any money you spend with Google AdWords is simply throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks. Don’t waste your spaghetti money!

That is where our Audits and Optimization come in. Our techniques get the most out of your budget. Wasted spend has no place in your marketing campaign and won’t display your ads in front of your target customers. PPC audit on a weekly basis ensures that your bids and ads are focused and maximized. Your click campaign deserves constant attention.


Have you ever browsed the web and wondered how it read your mind? That’s retargeting. Last week you were researching a new turtleneck for your pet and this week, there’s an ad for the newest and most stylish pet clothes in your Gmail. Then, you see another ad on a completely different website. What in the heck?

They’re reading your mind. Not quite. That is called retargeting and it is one of the most effective forms of online marketing available. PPC strategy is key and what is better than keeping your business top-of-mind for your potential customers?

Paid search comes in many forms, but these days, we can actually target people who have not only been to your website, but your competitors as well!

Through Google AdWords, Facebook, and even Yahoo and Bing (though much less), we can display your custom ads to web viewers who search keywords relating to your business or even those who trafficked your competitor’s websites. The possibilities are endless with the power of Pay Per Click.

Facebook, Google, YouTube, Oh My!

In today’s world, the web is an ever-growing, always-changing mecca of information. Each year, more content is produced than the previous ten years. With all the growth, a few companies have reached the top of the mountain. You’ve heard of them: Google and Facebook. Don’t worry, YouTube is up there as well, but Google owns them, so we lump it together. These massive online giants offer businesses (like you) the chance to reach people wherever they are, on their phones, in their homes, at work, and everywhere in between.

YouTube is the second most popular search engine in America and yet the ad network is severely underused. Views cost pennies and conversions are available at every turn. Billions of videos are viewed daily, so why not put your content in front of a captive audience?

Facebook’s Ad Manager has improved, year-over-year, more than any other advertising source on the planet. Their click advertising and lead generation can get so focused, you can deliver ads to people based on their interests, locations, and even life events they’ve experienced, such as getting married or having children.

Now that sounds invasive (and it probably is), but as a business, you want to cater to the needs of your customers. Pay Per Click advertising offers that like no other medium. A billboard or TV commercial rarely reaches a segmented, focused audience. Major advertising like that speaks to broad markets, large groups of consumers ready to make purchases. These days, however, we like our customization. We like to feel like unique snowflakes and as such, we respond better to marketing that is geared directly for us. Enter the new age of targeted online marketing.

With custom graphic design and fantastic, engaging writing, your advertisements can enlighten, educate, and excite your potential customer and get them motivated. Great ad campaigns make things happen. Are there any ads from your childhood that you still remember to this day years later? Campaigns can have lasting effects, which is what grows a brand. You may not be able to afford a multi-million dollar blitz on all forms of media, but with Google PPC, Facebook PPC, Retargeting, and a cohesive Pay Per Click advertising strategy, you can increase sales immediately.

Leads, You Say?

Lead Generation is a hot topic. It breaks the boundaries of business type because no matter what business you are in, more leads (or customers) means more potential for business. Internet advertising opportunities are vast, so when it comes down to it, generating leads is a focus of ours.

Through our proven tactics, we’ve been able to drive conversion rates up, even in the most expensive of markets, such as Insurance or Law, where click costs soar to over $80 per click! Our methods are customized to your need, but it all starts with our CLEAR process. Clear stands for Connect & Learn, Execute, Analyze, and Research, which is our approach to online marketing. We connect with you and learn about your business first, giving us the ammunition necessary to Execute amazing content, graphics, or additional collateral for your advertising. We then Analyze the results on a regular basis, making tweaks and adjustments to the campaign constantly to maximize budget, increase exposure opportunities, and boost that conversion rate. Finally, we Research additional opportunities available, working to squeeze every bit of opportunity out of your pay per click budget to get you the most return on your investment. ROI is the measuring stick for the success of a marketing program and our CLEAR process delivers.

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