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We grow small businesses through our CLEAR process. We do this by connecting with our clients and learning what makes them unique, executing custom marketing and branding solutions, analyzing the real-world results, and initiating actionable steps based on our research.

Who are our clients? They range from startups to established businesses that have been in operation for decades. Companies that move people, insure people, protect people, find homes for people, entertain people and so much more.

Remember that clear process we bragged about two tabs ago? It’s actually a complete structure to the successful development of any project we tackle. To start, we Connect with our client and Learn about their needs (that’s the “cl”). Then, we Execute elements of design, development, and marketing to meet goals (the “e”). Following that, we Analyze the data and Research new ideas constantly to continue growth (the “a” and “r” in “clear”). It means something to us because not only is it how we do business, it matches our communication strategy, clear and transparent, with nothing held back. Honesty you can count on.

In order to work with us, expect to communicate. An open, trustworthy relationship is the only type that we cultivate with clients. A creative space where ideas are free to grow into calculable, profitable initiatives. We strive to grow businesses, so please be prepared to break from the status quo and dream a bit bigger.

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Founder - The Form

Craig Brooks is a talker. Never shy, always upbeat, and willing to do what it takes, Craig joined David in the early stages of Clarity Creative Group. The yin to David’s yang, Craig handles words, concepts, and ideas that David turns into reality. With an extensive background in creative writing, marketing, and years of editorial experience, Craig’s wordsmithing and keen eye for aesthetics offer a fresh, new approach to multimedia.



Founder - The Function

David Forman was writing computer code in the womb. A “nerd” in the best ways, David found his passion in middle school, building websites as the internet was still in its infancy. As the internet grew, so did David’s knowledge and creative passion. Striking out on his own, David began creating unique applications (APPs) and writing programs from scratch. Those skills led to the formation of Clarity Creative Group, an outlet for David’s computational creative juices.

The Team

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