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We love collaborating with businesses focused on their success! There, we said it. An open, trustworthy relationship is the only type that we cultivate with clients. A creative space where ideas are free to grow into calculable, profitable initiatives. We strive to grow businesses, so please be prepared to break from the status quo and dream a bit bigger.

Who We Are

Clarity Is A Group Of Curious, Motivated Marketing Pros

What began as a side hustle in 2009 (encompassing nights and weekends only) has graduated into an 8-person, full-time, Florida-based team of marketing professionals handling over 100 projects concurrently, while servicing ongoing marketing efforts for dozens of businesses located not just in Florida, but across The United States and globally.

The Clarity creative team watching a video during their in person team event.
Helping Others Grow

Storytelling Online Since 2009

There’s something special about collaborating with a business on their digital presence and watching their website performance grow. Through the years, we’ve continued to iterate on our processes to maximize results while maintaining our deep connection to our local community and desire to assist small businesses reach their potential. We love it.

Community Matters

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What Our Clients Have To Say

The Clarity Team

David of Clarity Creative Group. He is smiling, has a teal Clarity Creative shirt and sports a beard and mustache.


Founder and COO

Rockin’ since 2009.

Craig of Clarity Creative Group. He is smiling, wears a grey Clarity Creative shirt, and has a brown beard and mustache.


Founder and CEO

Crushin’ since 2009.

Julie of Clarity Creative Group. She is smiling, wearing glasses, and has curly salt and pepper hair. She is also wearing a teal colored Clarity Creative shirt


Content Lead

Wordsmithin’ since 2012.

Neri of Clarity Creative Group. She is smiling at the camera, has brown curly hair, and is wearing a teal Clarity shirt.


Project Owner / PPC

Connectin’ since 2022

Lux from Clarity Creative Group. She has dark curly hair, glasses, and is wearing a teal Clarity Creative shirt


Project Owner / Social

Connectin’ since 2022.

Drew of Clarity Creative group. He has brown hair, a brown beard, and a brown mustache. He is wearing a teal Clarity Creative shirt.


Website Developer

Codin’ since 2021.

Matt from Clarity Creative. He is wearing a brown Clarity shirt and has shoulder length brown hair with a beard and mustache.


Website Developer

Codin’ since 2022.

Jennie of Clarity Creative Group. She is wearing headphones, glasses, and holding a stuffed yellow dinosaur.


Project Owner / Local SEO

Wordsmithin’ since 2021.

Our Values

Honesty, Transparency, Accountability

David and Craig of Clarity Creative Group talking to their team at a desk.

True To Our Word

We take pride in creating plans and following through, keeping clients updated all along the way. This starts with a sense of pride around being upfront about everything. If an issue arises, we solve it. Together.

Connecting Everyone

Communication is key, both internally for our team, and externally with our clients. Approaching every moment with gratitude, humility, and enthusaism for the future is how we operate.

Seeing Around Corners

While no one can forsee the future, we believe that being prepared, organized, and curious allows us to look forward with our clients, establishing long-term relationships that yield amazing results.

Accountable Action

It isn't enough to do great work. We believe in providing a fantastic service while taking ownership of every step in the process, including those that aren't perfect. We attack these moments head on, with solutions for moving forward, always.

The outside of Clarity Creative group's office
Cool Recognition

Badges We're Proud Of

Top Web Developer in Orlando
Top Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Agency in Orlando
Top Web Designer in Orlando
SEO Agencies in Orlando
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