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We have been a group since 2011. Our team members have over 25 years of experience doing what we do best.

Is an Oreo just a cookie? No, it’s also a sandwich and a dessert. Like that Oreo, we are more than just web designers, more than just graphic designers, more than just web developers, and more than just one thing. We are an entire creative team, your digital marketing company. A delicious one at that!

No and yes. We look for companies that are the right fit for us. Earlier on this page, we talked about communication and that is a deal breaker for us. If you’re not ready to communicate and be communicated to about your business, we encourage you to use GoDaddy or Wix to build your website and market it however you see fit. Our ideas have generated millions of dollars in business for our clients. If you’re ready to work in a collaborative environment, then yes, we’re taking on new clients.
We are a growing creative agency always looking for talent. Send in your resume to hello@iwantclarity.com and we’ll see if you fit into our plans!

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The Founders

We are powered by our people.


Co-Founder & CEO

Craig Brooks is a talker. Never shy, always upbeat, and willing to do what it takes, Craig joined David in the early stages of Clarity Creative Group. The yin to David’s yang, Craig handles words, concepts, and ideas that David turns into reality. With an extensive background in creative writing, marketing, and years of editorial experience, Craig’s wordsmithing and keen eye for aesthetics offer a fresh, new approach to multimedia.


Co-Founder and COO

David Forman was writing computer code in the womb. A “nerd” in the best ways, David found his passion in middle school, building websites as the internet was still in its infancy. As the internet grew, so did David’s knowledge and creative passion. Striking out on his own, David began creating unique applications (APPs) and writing programs from scratch. Those skills led to the formation of Clarity Creative Group, an outlet for David’s computational creative juices.

The Team

Not just the reason we are a literal group… these folks are the special sauce.


Content and SEO Lead


Project Management Lead


Project Manager


Content Specialist



Web Developer


Executive Assistant



Web Developer


Video Specialist


Web Developer

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