Clarity Support

In the ever-evolving digital world, your website’s performance is as crucial as its design. With our website support package, we take the reins, ensuring your website stays updated, secure, and smoothly operational. We manage the nitty-gritty so you can focus on growing your business.

Peace Of Mind With Every Update

Protected Website Performance

How easy is it for you to update your website? Or get in touch with your web company to make a change? For simple or difficult site changes, we’ve heard things can be a hassle. That is why we offer our Clarity Support, which gives you the confidence and consistency to keep your site up-to-date, backed up, secure, allowing you to focus on growing your business—all for just $250/month. Digital serenity.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Laptop on a brown desk next to a houseplant. The laptop is showing the Re/Max website home page
Drew of Clarity Creative Group sitting at the computer working on development.
Comprehensive Care for Your Online Presence

Your Digital Stronghold, Always Fortified

Maintaining the safety and integrity of our client’s web properties is a pillar of our existence. We’re proud to still support websites from our beginnings.

Keeping Your Site Safe And Performing With...
Theme, Plugin, and WordPress Updates
Uptime and Server Monitoring
Teaching You How To Use Your Website
SSL Certificate Setup and Registration
Malware Scans and Removals
90 Days Of Offsite Backups
Website Firewall To Combat Attacks
Up To One Hour Of Edits and Updates Per Month
Hosted On Our Dedicated Server
When Being Online Matters

Orlando Web Support

Hosted on our dedicated server, your website benefits from top-tier performance and security. Our firewall protection shields against threats, providing a safe harbor for your online content. With Clarity Support, your website isn’t just another URL—it’s a cornerstone of your digital strategy. Protecting your online presence is our highest priority, which is why Clarity Support is one of the most robust website maintenance options available. With hundreds of web projects successfully managed, we know what it takes to keep your website flowing.

Security First

Both web visitors & Google expect to see that lock in the URL bar. We keep that going for our clients plus help protect your site from hackers and online troublemakers.

Backups Save Time

Intern accidentally deleted a blog post? Twice? No worries, we can pull up an old backup and bring it back to life. By going farther back than most, we secure quick recovery.

Enhancing Your Website's Capabilities

No Matter Where You Are

No matter where you plant your business flag, Clarity Support is your constant ally, ensuring that your website is not just surviving, but thriving.

We believe that our clients should have full access to their websites, so we teach them how to use the WordPress functionality to their benefit. Many clients end up too busy to make changes, which is where Clarity Support becomes more impactful.

Maximizing the performance of the websites on our dedicated server is how we ensure a fantastic client experience.

Finetuning Your Success

Up to an hour of edits and updates per month? It's all part of our promise. Our proactive approach to maintenance means we're always on the lookout, ready to optimize and enhance your website's functionality at a moment's notice.

A Dedicated Hosting Environment

Hosting on our dedicated server means you enjoy the pinnacle of performance and protection. We extend our web support services from the charming avenues of Winter Park to the sweeping landscapes of Arizona and beyond. Because in the digital realm, we're all neighbors.

Committed To Your Site's Health

Our Clarity Support is your website's guardian angel. We diligently update themes, plugins, and WordPress core files, shielding your site from vulnerabilities and ensuring seamless user experiences. With us, your website's performance is in meticulous hands.

Secure Your Digital Presence With Unparalleled Support

Is Your Website Protected and Performing?