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What is Clarity Support?

Keep Your Online Presence Strong

How easy is to for you to update your website?  Or get in touch with your web company to make a change?  No one wants a hassle, right?  For simple or difficult site changes.  That is why we offer our Clarity Support for $150 a month which is gives you the base to keep your site up to date, current, safe and allows business owners to focus on growing your business.


Where your site lives in important. We use a dedicated server for all our clients. A private place that offers great uptime and site speed.

SSL Certificate & Firewall

People & Google expect to see that lock in the URL bar. We keep that going for our clients plus help protect your site from hackers and online troublemakers.

Malware Check & Removal

Sometimes things happen, we get a site that has been hacked, plugin has a flaw, no worries we fix it. Returning the site back to normal.

90 Days of Backups

Remember when you had that text on your website and now it is gone? No worries we can pull up and old backup and bring it back to life.

1 Hour Of Updates

From simple text edits to activating a new plugin we can help keep your site updated with necessary info to help inform your clients.

And So Much More...

From WordPress Updates to Adding Analytics and showing some simple reports. We can help keep your site going so you can focus on your company.

What can Clarity do with an hour?

Yeah we are good like that.

  • Update Hours
  • Add Blog Posts
  • Edit Pages
  • Add Menu Item
  • Change Hours
  • Update Slides
  • Activate Plugin
  • Compress Images
  • Add Ecomerce Item
  • And more..
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What updates do you have?

Let's keep your site updated and safe!