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SEO is a buzz word. Really, it is a buzz acronym. Search Engine Optimization. What does it mean? Let’s break it down. Search Engines are how people get their information online. The top one, far and away, is Google, but there are Yahoo, Bing, and a slew of others that compete for market share and rankings. Optimization is the action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource. In terms of SEO, that resource is where your website shows up when people are searching for things pertaining to your business. How does anyone know what they are searching? Honestly, no “SEO experts” actually sit in homes with web searchers, but there are some fantastic tools that the web provides to help understand what people are looking for.

Any capable SEO consultant or agency will be able to help you understand what your potential customers are searching for online and how to target those exact concepts to increase traffic, sales, or leads. The lingering question is how. As mentioned above, there are tools online that allow for information to be discovered about the search habits of users across the globe, but more importantly, in your specific zip code. Everything from content and keywords to backlinks work together to establish the rankings for any website. SEO expert services include finding those keywords, who is looking for them, and how to develop new strategies to maximize exposure.

The Three Types of Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to establishing your website as an online authority, there are three different methods to the SEO marketing madness. On-Site SEO, Off-Site SEO, and Technical SEO. When executed properly, these three search engine optimization services result in those top rankings that every SEO Expert screams about.

On-Site SEO

On-Site SEO literally means everything that is on your site. Content, keywords, internal and external links, blogs, meta tags, title tags, and ease of use. These things matter. The search engines have only gotten smarter and as they crawl your site, they can tell what links work, where they go, what words appear most often, if the content is relevant, and most importantly, if your website is worth displaying in the rankings. Gone are the days where you can publish “insert keyword here” forty-five times in white text at the bottom of a web page and show up first for that keyword. Now, the goal is quality content, great links, and easy to navigate pages. If your website viewers can’t find what they are looking for and leave the page, over time, the search engines adjust. This is where overall design matters and assists greatly in search engine optimization. The user experience on your website can affect how you display, so keep that in mind when you are looking for SEO services.

Off-site SEO

Off-Site SEO covers the stuff that isn’t directly on your site but matters a ton, such as social media, local directory listings (more on this below), reputation management, keyword research, and the ever-important backlinks. Working in reverse, backlinks are links to your website from an outside, preferably trusted, source. The more of these juicy backlinks you have, the more link authority your website address will have, propelling it up the rankings toward that top spot. Keyword research is a dense subject, a wealth of information about your potential customers are looking for online. Quality keyword research is SEO marketing priority number one. Reputation management is all about those reviews you hear people talking about so much. Ideally, you want 5-star reviews, or at least only 5-star reviews to display when people search for you. Cultivating those quality reviews is a process and your SEO expert must be on that. Local directory listings are better explained below, so get down there (a link that jumps down the page?).

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the boring, tedious stuff that only technologically savvy SEO experts are capable of executing, including the full power of Google Webmaster Tools, Schema, Speed Testing, Sitemap updates, Security, and a variety of number-based error searches, such as the popular 404. You need these things going on behind the scenes so that your website performs at its peak. The search engines actually look for that.

Local SEO

Local SEO Results - Orlando SEO CompanyMany services list “local SEO” as something you’ll receive when purchasing an SEO package, but what does it mean? In short, it is how your website performs in relation to other local businesses. On Google, that may mean the map display, which is prime real estate, showing only 3 listings for each search. How do you get on the map when there are so few results? A mixture of things. Google’s algorithms use hundreds of unique factors to determine the legitimacy of a website, so in terms of local performance, you need quality reviews, you need to be established in as many reputable directories as possible, and you need content focused on the areas you aim to appear. Sounds simple enough. Now, make sure it happens each and every month, with constant updates and competition rising all around you. Go ahead, get on it. That’s why many companies rely on SEO marketing companies and SEO experts to handle these things for them. There are only so many hours in the day and running a business can eat up nearly all of them. Your website can rank very highly in the search engines with Local SEO, some time, and plenty of attention.

Orlando SEO Company

As a local company, headquartered in Winter Springs, Florida, part of the Greater Orlando area, we’ve been working on website SEO for the entire decade of our existence. We have firm beliefs in how we build websites and we won’t compromise on those ideals. We believe a website should only be published with the proper SEO elements to build traffic. A website that never gets seen is a waste and we don’t fancy wasting our time.

When you consider launching a website, think about what you aim to accomplish. Are you looking to build your business to a new level or use the website to generate leads? Do you have a blog that is getting some traction and now you want to monetize it? Whatever your goals may be, a local SEO expert can help you achieve them. Clarity Creative Group is that SEO agency, capable of helping you reach your internet marketing goals. You deserve clarity in how your marketing works and what it does for you. You deserve the maximum return on your investment. You deserve your website to atop the search rankings. Let’s make it happen.

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