Are You an Over-Blogger?: How Posting Too Much Can Drive People Away

I love writing these posts for you all to read each week, and I also love reading other blogs that help me perfect my craft, learn something new, or find out about new trends on the internet (where I live and breathe and spend my day).

But all too often, I find my e-reader gets clogged up.

I try to only subscribe to a certain number of top-quality blogs, because I understand my time limitations with reading articles and still finding time to do my own work (that blog ain’t gonna write itself). But when I log into my e-reader, it looks a little something like this:

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Notice how all of these articles are from one source and they were all posted on the same day.

In addition to the 15 or so articles shown above, there are about a dozen more that wouldn’t fit on the screen. At one point in the last few days, I noticed the time stamps were paced a mere 30 minutes apart!

Entrepreneur is an influential blog with lots of high-quality content, but in my opinion, they’ve fallen victim to that old trap of TMI: too much information. Because Entrepreneur is running the risk of being banished from my feed, I came up with a questionnaire to help you determine if you, too, are an over-blogger.


1. Do you post more than once a day?

Most of the advice I’ve read lists once-daily blog posts as the maximum number of posts you should be doing…and then only if you have quality information to share. Most of what I read lists 1-3 posts per week as the magic number.

As I mentioned before, Entrepreneur is running the risk of losing me as a subscriber simply because I cannot handle them clogging up my feed. And I’m not alone:

‘I once surveyed readers here on ProBlogger about the reasons they unsubscribed from RSS feeds, and the number one answer was “posting too much.” Respondents expressed that they developed “burnout” and would unsubscribe if a blog became too “noisy.”’ —Darren Rowse, You MUST Post Every Day on Your Blog [Misconceptions New Bloggers Have #2]

If the entire point of a blog is to get people to listen to you, why would you risk driving them away?


2. Do you catch yourself straying off-topic?

The reading public doesn’t care about every idea that pops into your head. Keeping a narrow focus for your blog gives you a healthy framework in which to write, and it provides your readers with a sense of familiarity. They know what topics to expect and whether or not they’re interested.

If you really want to blog about all of your interests, create a different feed or blog for each one. For example, Real Simple magazine has one feed for their articles, as well as ones for “Daily Thoughts”, “Daily Tips,” “Daily Finds,” and “Today on Real Simple.”

Otherwise, utilize your social media accounts as your soap box for those random thoughts that pop up throughout the day. But maintain two accounts: one for business and one for personal use.


3. Are your posts boring, uninformative, or disappointing?

In the age-old battle of quality vs. quantity, we all know that quality is the clear winner. Your blog should be no different. If you’re posting too much, something will suffer: your grammar, your relevance, or your popularity.

I admit that Entrepreneur has some great articles, but only 10% of them catch my attention. The rest get ignored. Save your efforts for top-quality work and spend the rest of your time doing your job. Which brings us to my next point…


4. Do you neglect your job?

Blogging is my primary job, but I would be remiss if I didn’t spend time reading other people’s work, keeping up with our clients, and finding out what’s going on in the world. How else will I find things to talk about?

You started the blog for a reason, whether that’s to share recipes, promote your company, or talk about the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Spend more time doing what you love and less time blogging about it. Your readers will thank you.


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