What Is Apple Business Connect?

What Is Apple Business Connect (& Why Should You Care)?

There’s a new player in the local SEO game.

But what is Apple Business Connect and why should you care about it?


Hold on, we just got used to saying “Google Business Profile” instead of “Google My Business” and now there’s another thing we’re supposed to learn about?

Welcome to the internet, sweetie.

Yes, we have a new player in the local SEO community, and this time it’s from everyone’s favorite phone company.

Let’s dive into the features of Apple Business Connect, why you should care, and how to use it effectively.


What is Apple Business Connect?

In short, it’s Apple’s answer to GBP.

Apple Business Connect (ABC) isn’t just a catchy acronym, it’s a new avenue for digital marketing that capitalizes on the existing addiction people have with their phones.

In short, ABC makes it easy for potential customers to find your business through the apps they’re already using—including Apple Maps, Siri, iMessage, and more.

What you probably already think of as “adding your business to Apple Maps” is actually just setting up your Apple Business Connect profile.


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Why Should You Care About Apple Business Connect?

Apple Maps might not be as popular as Google Maps, but it’s far from DOA.

With an estimated 100 million users, Apple Maps remains a top choice for mobile users, and ABC gives them a slice of the pie, so to speak.

So why should you care about Apple Business Connect? Because your potential customers are already using it.

When someone uses Apple Maps or Siri to search for your business type, they’ll see your company’s “place card,” featuring all the relevant information about your business.

This place card allows them to:

  • Contact you through phone or website
  • View your hours of operation
  • Read more about your services
  • Get directions within the app
  • See photos of your business
  • Leave a review
  • Send messages
  • See offers and promotions

Even better, by claiming and optimizing your place card, you’ll be improving your visibility and getting a boost in SEO.

ABC is still a newcomer, so it can’t yet stand up to GBP’s chokehold on the market. However, with so many people using iPhones to access the internet, it’s very likely that ABC will add features and gain enough users to make it competitive.


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How To Get Started With Apple Business Connect

To get started with Apple Business Connect, you’ll need to add or claim your business with your Apple ID.

Next, update your profile so that the information on the map and place card is correct. If you rely on foot traffic, make sure the pin on the map is in the right location so customers can find you easily.

Once your profile has been created, it needs to be verified. There are two ways of doing this: by phone or by submitting documentation.

If you’re able to receive a verification code via phone, this is the quickest way to verify your profile. If not, you can upload documentation—such as a lease, insurance policy, or invoice—that shows your company name and address. This step typically takes about five business days.


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Get the Most Out of Apple Business Connect

Signing up for Apple Business Connect is free, so you really don’t have anything to lose.

But if you want to get the most benefit from it, there are few additional steps you need to take.

First, optimize your ABC profile after it has been verified.

Double-check that information is updated and accurate and fill out as much of the place card as you can. Include plenty of high-quality images of your location as well as your branding images (such as your logo and headshots).

Second, add a Showcase to your place card to encourage people to interact with your profile.

Showcases are visible for a limited amount of time (usually around 30 days) where you can tell customers about new products/services, share an offer, ask for reviews, or share information about your industry. (This is a good place to feature blog posts and other content published on your website!)

Finally, visit and update your profile regularly to add additional photos, create Showcases, and respond to your reviews (including negative ones!).



Apple Business Connect might not be coming for Google Business Profile’s throat just yet, but it’s only a matter of time until the two are in direct competition.

And hey, signing up for both of them is not only a great way to boost your local SEO, it’s free!

However, whether you’re running a website or managing your social media, digital marketing for your business can involve a lot of time and effort. Why not outsource that to the pros?

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