The Importance of Website Maintenance

the importance of website maintenance

I’m probably gonna age myself here, but do you remember the commercials for the Ronco home rotisserie? The main selling point of this thing was that you could put in your chicken, set up your vegetables, program the machine, walk away, and come back to a lovely, home-cooked dinner just an hour later.
In fact, it even had a catchy slogan to illustrate just how easy meal prep with the Ronco could be. You know the one I’m talking about.
Set it and forget it!
This is a great concept when it comes to home cooking (one reason why slow cookers remain so popular), but not so healthy when it relates to your business. We’ve been discussing our CLEAR process for the last few posts, and we’ve now arrived at the last step: Research.
Because when it comes to your business, “set and forget it” doesn’t cut it. A crucial part of website maintenance is regular research.

The Dangers of “Set It and Forget It”

How many other areas in your life are you treating the same way?
New home: You spend weeks decorating it just right, but then you never change anything. Set it and forget it.
Health: You finish that course of antibiotics, but go right back to eating fried chicken and Cheetos for dinner every night. Set it and forget it.
Relationships: You get married, then stop all romance once the marriage certificate is signed. Set it and forget it.
Business: You get a website for your small business, then essentially forget about website maintenance and wonder why sales started dropping off two years later. Set it and forget it.
That kind of thinking? FORGET IT!
one does not simply "set it and forget it"

Your Business Deserves More!

Your business can’t be handled with the same blasé approach that you use for the rest of your life (go apologize to your neglected spouse, by the way). Not if you expect it to keep making money for you.
At Clarity, we like to think of websites as virtual employees that are working 24/7 to attract, inform, and convert your customers. By forgetting to maintain your website, you’re essentially letting a star team member languish away in a broom closet somewhere instead of investing in all of that potential.
Your business website is a living entity and—like all living things—it needs regular care to survive.

Proactive Maintenance

hand holding wrench with banners
What we call “Research” in our acronym is actually more like “proactive maintenance.” (CLEAP makes a really dumb acronym.) Just like the auto shop down the road sends out handy little flyers in the mail letting you know that it’s time for your next oil change, Clarity is on top of your website.
Whenever there’s basic website maintenance that needs to be done (your domain name needs to be updated yearly, for example), we’ll take care of that without you having to remind us.
If something crashes or goes wonky, we’ll know about it. And fix it. Odds are, you won’t even notice that anything was weird.
And if we hear about a cool new feature that we think would be just perfect for you, we’ll approach you to see what you think.
Basically, we keep our finger on the pulse of the Internet and do the diagnosing, testing, and treating for you.
The result? A constantly evolving, up-to-date site that grows with your business.
So go ahead and buy the Ronco if you really want to. Set it up and forget it until it’s time to eat. Just don’t do the same for your business.

Clarity Creative Group is a digital marketing company located in beautiful Orlando, Florida. We just buy our rotisserie chickens from the grocery store. They’re, like, $7 and it takes 12 minutes.


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