Podcast: Episode 8 – Social Media 201

> We loved talking about social media last week…so much that we’re doing it again in episode 8! Our featured tool(s) this week is a twofer. Tweriod will help you find out when you should post to Twitter while Twitter Audit will show you how many of your Twitter followers are real. (Ain’t nobody got time […]

How to Use Social Media For Business

If you’ve been on the web long enough to stumble across this article, you’ve heard a lot about social media. Maybe you have a Facebook page or a Twitter account, and you’ve figured out how to post statuses, like comments, share photos, and more. But do you really know what you’re doing when it comes […]

13 Grammar Mistakes that Make You Look Dumb

Imagine for a minute that you’re scrolling through your e-mail inbox, and you come across a message from an old pal. You’re curious about the subject of the message, and eager to rekindle the relationship, because you’ve heard through the grapevine that this college buddy of yours has started a business that would greatly benefit […]