Podcast: Episode 8 – Social Media 201

> We loved talking about social media last week…so much that we’re doing it again in episode 8! Our featured tool(s) this week is a twofer. Tweriod will help you find out when you should post to Twitter while Twitter Audit will show you how many of your Twitter followers are real. (Ain’t nobody got time […]

Podcast: Episode 7 – Social Media 101

We’ve made it to lucky episode #7! Our tool of the episode is Flimbo, a way to create awesome, customized art for all your social media accounts…and it’s FREE! In this episode’s Deep Dive, we discuss the ubiquitous and intimidating world of social media. We give you our best tips for getting the most out […]

When Increasing Website Traffic Is Useless

when increasing web traffic is useless

Not to cause a complete panic, but increasing website traffic is useless. “What?” I can hear you saying. “I spent a lot of money on this website! Are you telling me that I wasted my money?! What does your business do, anyway?” You heard me. Increasing your website traffic is useless if you’re ignoring what […]

12 Ways to Improve Your Business in 2016

2016 has dawned, bringing with it plenty of hope and expectations for another great year. While friends and family are hitting the gym, perhaps now is a good time for you to hit the books and come up with a business plan for the upcoming year. We’ve come up with 12 ways to improve your […]

How to Respond to a Bad Review

About a week ago, the Clarity staff went on a little weekend beach retreat. We noticed a little French bakery had gotten some amazing Yelp reviews, so we decided to give them a try for breakfast. While waiting for our breakfast sandwiches, we all noticed a little Plexiglas box hanging on the wall. Inside, was […]