Signals Direct

Web Design

Clean, Modern Design

As a new arm of an already successful business, Signals Direct had an immediate need: a user-facing website to show off an arsenal of products.

We focused on high-quality images and an efficient site structure, showing off the Pro AV equipment that makes Signals Direct a unique wholesaler.

The Challenge

For some marketing companies, bringing a new face to an established company can be intimidating. But we love the opportunity to spice up an already classic recipe with new ingredients!

Ultimately, we knew we wanted a modern, clean design that users could navigate easily.

The Work

Orderly. Simple. Fresh.

These were the concepts behind the final design of the Signals Direct website. There is structure in the neat, trimmed-down style. Signals Direct is just that: direct. No unnecessary frills, simply the support and products that meet the AV needs of their clients.

Light colors, a heavy focus on the audio equipment, and smooth navigation came out of our brainstorm sessions and then executed as the website that is live today.


Signals Direct


September 2016


Redesign, Branding, Website

The Future

Working with a professional AV company was new and exciting for us. We’ve had plenty of experience with this type of equipment before, but never the sales side of the business.

As a company that has been around since 2002, Signals Direct was a great example of what we can provide for businesses that need an updated look, something current.