Niche Tools & Abrasives

Content, PPC, & SEO

Content, PPC, & SEO

We were drawn to Niche Tools & Abrasives right from the get-go, as they are also headquartered in Winter Springs. But instead of providing quality digital marketing services, NTA distributes some of the best diamond discs and abrasive materials in the business.

We may not know anything about the manufacturing industry, but we do know digital marketing! We were excited to work our magic to see what else NTA could build.

The Challenge

NTA’s original website was just a shop for diamond discs and reamers, but owner Mike Fernandez knew he needed to showcase the full extent of his capabilities if he wanted to play in the big leagues.

Unfortunately, his BigCommerce site didn’t make things easy for him.

Selling a product in a saturated market is always difficult, even when the product is better than anything else competitors are offering. Thankfully, Clarity was up to the challenge!

The Work

We rebuilt NTA’s site on our favorite ecommerce platform, WooCommerce. This makes adding new products and services much easier.

The new site included new pages to represent the additional products and services that NTA offered, but wasn’t advertising on the old site. Part of this involved writing some new optimized blog posts to educate readers on why this product is the best on the market.

We rounded things off with a PPC campaign to capture other companies looking for diamond discs and reamers.


Niche Tools & Abrasives


Aug 2021



Content, PPC, SEO

The Future

There’s no question that Clarity’s marketing strategies had a huge impact on the future of Niche Tools & Abrasives!

They are currently the second search result for the keyword “diamond reamers” and are seeing traffic to their website increase every day.

What’s even more exciting is that NTA is currently in the running to work with Apple. (Yes, that Apple!)

We wish them the best of luck and can’t wait to see what else the future has in store!