How To Use TikTok For Business

How to Use TikTok For Business

It’s not just for Gen Z!

Here’s how to use TikTok for business (without having to do the latest dance challenge).


If you’ve heard of TikTok by now, you’ve likely dismissed it as “that teenybopper app my niece uses.” But the reality is that TikTok has grown faster than just about any other social media platform out there.

Yes, we have taken our own advice and have a TikTok ourselves.

And while teens and young adults make up the largest demographic, approximately 37% of its users are over the age of 30. (If you don’t believe me, have your niece search for “#millennial” and see how many videos come up.

In short, TikTok is just getting started, and if you’re similarly poised for growth, this could be the answer to go viral in a big way.


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What Is TikTok?

TikTok is a social media platform centered around short-form video content. Users can either view videos from accounts they are following or scroll their “For You Page” (FYP, for those in the know).

This is where most of TikTok’s appeal lies.

At first, you might notice that many of the videos you’re seeing are not in your wheelhouse at all. But the more you watch, like, and comment, the more the algorithm learns. Eventually, you’ll start coming across stuff that’s eerily relevant to your interests.

Is this creepy? Maybe. But could it also spell success for your business? Oh yeah.

To see how, let’s take a look at how TikTok stacks up against the other social media platforms.


podium made of blocks showing TikTok in first place, Youtube in second place, Facebook in third place

Why Is TikTok So Popular?

What TikTok offers is far from revolutionary. But the unique combination of what it offers helps to make it super addictive (and thus, super successful).

Like YouTube, TikTok provides an unending stream of video content right at your fingertips. Unlike YouTube, however, you don’t have to go searching for it. The dopamine-fueled call of the FYP means that you can simply open the app and strike gold almost immediately.

It’s this feature—the ability to deliver quality content on demand—that makes TikTok so much better than Facebook (which we all know is dead). Users can subscribe to content creators without having to “be friends” with them. This allows influencers and business owners (like yourself) to grow a bigger audience.

Because let’s face it, you can create a business profile on Facebook, but no one knows it’s there unless they physically type in your name. With TikTok, that connection happens organically.

Another area where TikTok shines? It makes video editing almost foolproof.

Users have the ability to record, use filters, duet or stitch with another video, add music, and more without having to leave the app.

Can YouTube do that? Methinks not.


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Using TikTok For Business

If you’re ready to hop on board the bandwagon, here are a few things you’ll have to consider about using TikTok for business.

Business or Creator Account?

TikTok offers two types of accounts: Business and Creator.

There are pros and cons to each one and which one you choose will eventually come down to what industry you’re in, how you plan on using the app, and your personal preferences.

Take some time to research them both before you make a decision.

phone on table with memes for good soup, corn, berries and cream, tiktok memes

To Meme or Not to Meme?

There are two types of content creators on TikTok: those who meme and those who don’t.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with either of these camps, but you’ll eventually have to decide which one you fall in.

After almost two years on the app, I’ve discovered that TikTok has its own memes that non-TikTokers will never understand.

I like to think of them as “micromemes,” because they have a very short life. Most of them will be all over my FYP for about a month before they disappear.

If you jump on board these memes, it can help you go viral, but you have to spot them quickly so you can jump on them before they expire.

Be Helpful

Content, no matter where it is, should be good content, and that means not giving in to clickbait (“Want to hear these top tips? Link is in my bio”).

Whether your content is informational, funny memes, or dance challenges, you need to treat your social media accounts as their own thing—not as a landing page to your website. Give away a little of the secret sauce so people will come back for more.

Be Authentic

Yes, TikTok has ads, but the ones that do best don’t look like ads. (And plenty of businesses do just fine without paying for ads at all.)

My suggestion? Be as authentic as possible to mirror what’s already on your followers’ FYPs. Remember, that algorithm is looking for people who want to see your content. Utilize that to your advantage.

Learn the Lingo

The best way to hop on board the TikTok train is to jump in with both feet. Learn the lingo, read comments, scroll through your own FYP, and get used to the platform.

Practice makes perfect.



If you haven’t taken a closer look at TikTok for business, consider this your sign to do so.

With more than 1 billion monthly active users, it’s safe to say TikTok isn’t going anywhere soon. But, if you wield it correctly, it could take you places.

Clarity Creative Group is always looking for unique ways to grow businesses. If you need help launching your social media presence on TikTok, Instagram, or any other platform, let us know! We’re always full of ideas.


Clarity Creative Group is a digital marketing company located in beautiful Orlando, Florida. Corn kid is not only our favorite meme right now, it might be our favorite meme of all time.



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