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What makes a good website? Analyzing the results!

You know a bad website when you see one. Outdated graphics, site visit counters, and long load times are just some of the many things that scream “Unprofessional site!” But it begs the question: what makes a good website? If a site is nice to look at and easy to navigate, is that enough? At[…]

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Is your web guy JUST a web guy? Make sure you're getting the 5 things that every small business website needs.

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding the creation of your small business website. Like law or medicine, most people don’t know what goes into it (“Something with 1’s and 0’s?”) but eventually you’ll find yourself needing it. Business owners tend to either hold a web designer’s services in reverence or dismiss us as basement-dwelling con[…]

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Building a web presence can be difficult when your web designer doesn't listen. Here's how to find out whether your designer actually hears you.

It’s a scourge among relationships across the country. You think you’re having a heart-to-heart with someone who truly cares about you, but then they glance at their latest Snapchat notification…then someone comments on their Instagram…and before you know it, they’re scrolling through their Facebook feed as if you aren’t even there. The act of phone[…]

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