Podcast: Episode 6 – The Importance of Websites

In our sixth episode, we’re going back to our roots and talking about Clarity’s first love: websites. Our tool of the episode is Tawk.to, a free live chat software for your website. This is the perfect tool for startup owners to interact with web visitors in real time while still doing their thang. In our […]

How Your Website is Like a Tinder Date

Whether it’s Tinder dates or website design, beauty is only skin deep.   You just got a new website. It’s gorgeous. It’s only a matter of time before the new visitors (and the moola) start rolling in. You sit back and wait for the boom in your business. But it never comes. What happened? Was […]

When Increasing Website Traffic Is Useless

when increasing web traffic is useless

Not to cause a complete panic, but increasing website traffic is useless. “What?” I can hear you saying. “I spent a lot of money on this website! Are you telling me that I wasted my money?! What does your business do, anyway?” You heard me. Increasing your website traffic is useless if you’re ignoring what […]

5 Reasons For High Bounce Rates (and 5 Ways to Reduce Them)

reasons and solutions for high bounce rates

Some websites are the virtual equivalent of a con artist. They make promises of quality but they never deliver the goods. Visitors to the site take one look, then turn and run the other way. The number of people who leave your site after viewing only one page is called your “bounce rate.” High bounce […]

The Importance of Website Maintenance

the importance of website maintenance

I’m probably gonna age myself here, but do you remember the commercials for the Ronco home rotisserie? The main selling point of this thing was that you could put in your chicken, set up your vegetables, program the machine, walk away, and come back to a lovely, home-cooked dinner just an hour later. In fact, […]