When Increasing Website Traffic Is Useless

when increasing web traffic is useless

Not to cause a complete panic, but increasing website traffic is useless. “What?” I can hear you saying. “I spent a lot of money on this website! Are you telling me that I wasted my money?! What does your business do, anyway?” You heard me. Increasing your website traffic is useless if you’re ignoring what […]

What Makes Us Different? CLEAR Results

“What makes your business different?” It’s a question that we like to ask our clients, which led us to realize that people were probably thinking the same about us. Finding out what your business does differently from every other business in your industry is crucial to building a brand, but also to growing your business. […]

10 Benefits of a Website Redesign

Do me a favor and try to remember the last time you updated your website. OMG, has it really been that long?! How is it still functioning? Haha, we jest (kinda). But seriously, though: what’s been stopping you? Maybe you’re concerned about the cost. Maybe you think your website’s doing just fine, thank you very […]

Shady SEO Practices to Watch Out For

You may have seen commercials for companies offering to revamp your social media pages, increase likes/visits to your page, and improve your Google ranking. At first (or even second) glance, it sounds great: you don’t have to think about your social media strategy and you don’t have to go through all the hassle of creating […]

Do I Really Need a Website?

My husband and I went on a trip recently to Cape Cod. The weather was great and we went on an amazing whale watching tour, where we spotted so many whales (16) that it pretty much spoiled us for any other whale watching tour in the future. But, as always, some of our best experiences […]