Podcast: Episode 18 – Offline Marketing Ideas & Tips

We are back!

  • As always excited about our Tool of the Episode this week. Needing to scan documents without a scanner handy, just grab our phone.  With Genius Scan you can easily convert documents, images, and more into digital assets.  We use it almost daily in the office.  Plus it is free, got to love that.
  • For our Deep Dive this week, we are really diving deep into marketing offline. From your basic offline presence to direct mail marketing and how it can help grow your business.  Find out what tips and advice Craig and David have to help you market your brand.
  • The competition continues in our trivia round, as David proves he knows more about online marketing then he does offline marketing.  Play along at home and just have some fun. And don’t forget to subscribe.

Hard of hearing? We don’t want you to miss out on the cool info. Read the transcription below. ⬇️

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