Organize Your Files

April 13-19 (smack in the middle of Records and Information Month) is Organize Your Files Week, so we’ve put together a fun infographic showing you how (and why) to organize your files this week.

Even in this digital age, so much of our information remains printed on paper and locked in filing cabinets. The Paperless Project estimates that managers in the United States spend an average of 1 month out of every year looking for or waiting on mislabeled, misfiled, or otherwise ‘lost’ papers. A properly organized office takes that wasted time back, making you more efficient.

 Organize your files

This week, spend some time “spring cleaning” your paper and computer files to get everything sorted out (and sorted through). While you’re at it, now is a great time to make the shift to a paperless office. Scan paper files into your computer and recycle (or shred) the originals. Then, notify your bank and other “trash creators” to email your bills and statements instead. Pay these over the phone to reduce waste from checks and envelopes and save on postage as well.

With a few small changes and some organized, eco-friendly habits, your office will be ship-shape in no time.

Now that your office is nice and organized, you might want to get started on a blog for your business. Once you get started, boost yourself and get in front of more potential clients. Go ahead, become an expert.


Clarity Creative Group is a web design & internet marketing company located in beautiful Orlando, Florida. We just got rid of 8 old computers and resorted 2 bins of loose paperwork during our latest office organization.




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