What Makes Us Different? CLEAR Results

“What makes your business different?”

It’s a question that we like to ask our clients, which led us to realize that people were probably thinking the same about us.

Finding out what your business does differently from every other business in your industry is crucial to building a brand, but also to growing your business. So we set out to answer it.

What resulted was a distillation of our process into a catchy acronym that both defined us and set us apart from the competition. CLEAR stands for Connect & Learn, Execute, Analyze, and Research.


Connect & Learn

What bothers you about running your business every day? No, seriously. Shut your eyes if you have to. Think about the annoying thing that you makes you want to run out screaming as soon as you get to work. Or the one tool  you wish you could create to make your job easier.

Whoever you are, whatever type of business you run, I’m sure something came to mind.

Those problems are keeping you from being fully happy (or at least fully effective). And we want to change all that. That’s why—before we do anything—we want to connect with you and learn about your business.

By identifying your pain points as well as your wildest dreams, Clarity Creative is better able to develop a solution that’s right for you. We don’t have a “restaurant” package, “realtor” package, “dentist” package, or any packages at all. All we offer are customized solutions for your unique business.



You’ve heard of Wix, right? That “build-your-own website” tool with all the TV commercials? There are plenty of reasons why we believe DIY website builders aren’t worth it, but one main reason is that they aren’t all-inclusive.

Sure, you can get a decent-looking website out of Wix (if you work at it long enough). And maybe you can get a couple of features to improve your site’s usability or your e-mail marketing campaigns. But if you want a logo or an AdWords campaign? You’re on your own.

We’re a digital marketing company. But we’re also so much more. We do logo design, pay-per-click campaigns, blogging, SEO, local and industry-specific directory listings…. In short, if it increases your online presence, we can take care of it.


Say Hello, and Let's Get To Work Together​


So we’re finished with your website build / blog post / pay-per-click campaign and you’re happy with everything, but we’re not. Not yet.

We still have to run reports and analyze the results to make absolutely sure our ideas did what they were supposed to. Did that AdWords campaign bring any more people to your website? Did any of those people actually buy? Did redesigning your website translate into new business for you?

If not, we go back to the drawing board and fine-tune our approach. If it did work, we then find out what specifically worked, how well it worked, and whether the results are repeatable. Great results don’t make us happy if they were just a fluke.



Did you know that Google will penalize you with a sub-par rank if your site has a pop-up that takes up too much of the screen on a mobile device? We did. It was a recent update, but we were on top of it and changed all of our client’s websites to make sure they wouldn’t be affected.

In a world where the top-ranking search engine changes its algorithm 500 times a year, your website can’t afford to be stagnant.

And, let’s face it, you don’t have the time, energy, or interest to flood your email inbox with search engine algorithm updates. That’s our job. We’ll keep things running behind-the-scenes so your business can exhibit a flawless performance.

And when we have great ideas (which we do), we’ll bring them to you so your business can stay on the cutting edge. When 3D hologram projectors become the newest thing, wouldn’t you love to be one of the first companies in Orlando to implement it?



Any programmer worth their salt is capable of building a website. But it’s that extra attention to detail that spells the difference between a “website” and an “online presence.” Whoever you hire to run your digital marketing (and we’d love for it to be us), make sure they can give you CLEAR results.


Clarity Creative Group is a web design & internet marketing company located in beautiful Orlando, Florida. When you compare us to other web design companies, the difference is CLEAR. See what we did there? Get it? Cuz we’re “Clarity—”? Nevermind.




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