Podcast: Episode 5 – Insurance For Your Business

We’ve reached our fifth episode! Woohoo! This week, we discuss all things insurance for your business, as well as our fun tool and trivia segments.

  • Our tool of the episode is Ripl, an easy way to enhance your social media game. Create gifs, memes, and other animations to keep your social media accounts on fleek, yo.
  • In our trivia segment, we compete for the crown. Who knows more when it comes to business insurance? David fangirls over Aaron Rodgers, we decide that the Mona Lisa is definitely worth more than J.Lo’s tush, and Craig tries to cheat his way to victory.
  • In this episode’s Deep Dive, we discuss the importance of protecting yourself and your business from risk. “Lawsuit-proof” your business, impress your customers, and protect yo’ stuff before your business gets too established.

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