Not all web projects are created equal, make sure you know what is going into your web design project.

 A Clarity WebsiteOther Web CompaniesDIY (Wix, Squarespace)
  • Competitor analysis through website and search engine traffic data research
  • Comprehensive research of template and theme ideas, maximizing available options
  • Organized and efficient timeline for your project
  • Extensive content inventory of all available copy, images, and video files
  • Construction of a visual sitemap, outlining your site
  • Analysis of current social media and marketing efforts
  • Development of conversion strategy, geared toward lead generation and sales
  • Typically minimal. In the open market of web design it is rare to find a company to hold your hand through the planning process.
  • Cookie cutter plans and sitemaps provided based on past work
  • None offered, you are on your own setting up everything from your timeline to your sitemap
  • Discovery of content needs for website; text, image, video, infographic, etc.
  • Detailed edit of existing content
  • Customized written content for new pages, published by our qualified writing staff, 350+ words per page, keyword oriented, SEO-ready
  • Stock photos collected and utilized, as needed, for specific areas of the site
  • Custom photos taken and edited for new and existing pages
  • Some companies will help develop content, written, audio, and visual, at a premium price
  • None, every word, photo and video is provided by you.  Get ready to get to work.
  • On Site – creating, linking, and optimizing content for users and search engines
    • Image tags
    • Meta tags
    • Focus keywords
  • Off Site – connecting programs that build backlinks thus creating online authority
    • Local and national directory listings
    • Tracking up to 5 keywords 
    • Developing a backlink strategy
  • Technical – overall optimization of website code to tell the search engines more information about each individual page
    • Speed testing, schema setup, https
    • Google webmaster tools
  • All self respecting  web companies offer SEO services, but lack the transparency to show you what they are doing to improve your site traffic. ((Iceberg))
  • Some, they offer pre-packaged apps and software that may improve your site. Ex. Wix Site Booster App ($60 value)
  • 2 specific designs highlighting different style attributes
  • Logo analysis and integration seamlessly into the web platform
  • Font analysis to determine best match for branding and readability
  • Creation of color palette profile, developing a strategy behind each use of color throughout the website
  • Any web company is capable of designing your website, but your unique style may get overlooked
  • Pick from 100s of templates, that are currently already in use by millions of people. No custom options.
  • Setup of template on Content Delivery Network for speed and security
  • Build Pages
  • Setup and tracking of Google Analytics
  • Creation of an Analytics filter to remove IP and analytics spam, ensuring true reporting
  • Site Testing
  • Browser Testing to ensure success on Safari, Chrome, IE, Firefox, and mobile
  • Malware website protection for daily scanning and security
  • Daily backups of site and database
  • Contact form development and testing
  • Website SPAM filtering
  • Uptime tracking, making sure your website is always viewable
  • Any web provider will build your site, but common elements that are overlooked include: missing meta tags, title tags, proper headings, site structure and more
  • The build is already in place on their servers.
 E-mail Template
  • Match website theme to look and feel of e-mail template
  • Styling For Gmail and Outlook
  • Assistance setting up e-mail delivery software (ex. MailChimp) 
  • Most companies can help you with this at a premium
  • None, offered, you are on your own
  • Final QA, checking every aspect of the website, buttons, links, etc.
  • 301 redirects from any old website to maintain link credibility 
  • Check 404 and page error reports
  • DNS takeover from current hosting
  • E-mail setup and testing
  • Contact Form testing
  • Unlimited users allowed, based on need
  • Client launch meeting, complete with a round of edits to finalize website
  • Your site will go live, but are all your i’s dotted and t’s crossed?
  • No support offered from going from idea stage to fully functional website
  • 3 one-hour training credits that can be used on any of the following:
    • WordPress
    • Slider
    • E-mail
    • HTML
  • Some provided  training and tutorials, others send you off into the wild
  • They offer what they call premium support, where you are on the phone or chatting with an “expert” that might be halfway across the world
 PricingStarting at $5,000 for a fully optimized, SEO-ready, mobile responsive web property.  $500 – $50,000
a huge gap for an entire website, without certainty of what you are getting
 $225- $300
Per year for the lifetime of your website, meaning you are still paying even though it is already complete


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