Top 5 Business Podcasts For 2015

This may not be the list to end all lists, but these five podcasts have provided me with perspective and inspiration about my own small business. There’s a limit to the number of times you can listen to the same songs on the radio (even satellite radio gets repetitive); sometimes you just need a little variety. Enter: the podcast!
I included a small description so you can figure out which ones float your boat. Hey, not all podcasts are for everyone. Some people use podcasts as entertainment, others get right down to business, so to speak. Here are my favorites, in no particular order.

1. Social Media Marketing Podcast

This might be the top social media podcast in the iTunes app store.  Michael Stelzner has done an amazing job at really leading this space with interviews that cover Facebook, X, Instagram…if it’s social media, they cover it. Every episode also includes a tool you can use. Some these tools are free, but others are just so helpful they’re worth the investment. This is an easy-to-listen-to podcast that helps any business owner wondering what to do in social networking.
Weekly episode, on Fridays.

2. Social Media Examiner Show

This podcast is produced from the same people who do the Social Media Marketing podcast, however, they deal more in specifics. The most recent one I listened to was about how to use Facebook groups for business. These are nice, quick episodes (usually less than 10 minutes), but give you something concrete you can do with social media.
Daily episodes.

3. UnPodcast

The UnPodcast is a great way to learn more about the right and wrong ways to do business. It’s more of a “talk show” style (no guests), just talking about good and bad examples of marketing and PR in everyday life. Co-host Scott Stratten does a great job of turning marketing on its head in his books—Unmarketing, QR Codes Kill Kittens, and UnSelling—and the podcast is no different. He discusses some great stories that really make you think twice before you make any business-related decision.
Weekly episodes, on Tuesdays.

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4. The Old New Business with Jeff Korhan

Jeff Korhan interviews leaders in particular areas of business, but keeps the conversation at a level that the layperson can understand. Recent episodes discussed everything from small business taxes to team building. Many business podcasts are focused more on decisions that the business owner makes, but I like that Korhan focuses a lot on managing employees and working with a staff.
Weekly episodes, on Fridays.

5. Freakonomics

All right, this isn’t exactly a business podcast, but it’s still a great listen. Ever wonder whether generic medication works as well as brand name? (Answer: yes, that’s what pharmacists buy.) Or have you ever considered that there is no such thing as free appetizers (i.e. bread or chips and salsa) when you go to a restaurant? (They’re there to get you to buy more drinks and leave quicker.) Freakonomics is full of this kinda stuff. They’re just fun episodes on random topics that make you think about why we do things and why the world works the way it does. Hey, there may even be an episode that sparks an idea about your business.
Weekly episodes, on Thursdays.

Which podcasts do you listen to? Do you keep it professional, or do you have something fun you like to listen to? Let us know in the comments section!

Clarity Creative Group is a web design & internet marketing company located in beautiful Orlando, Florida. We don’t care if the bread isn’t really “free.” Keep those cheese biscuits comin’.



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