Reputation Management

Your Reputation Precedes You

As a small business, much of your success depends on your online presence. From reviews to social media pages, it’s likely that your potential clients and customers will encounter you on the web before they ever encounter you in real life.

The question you need to ask yourself is: What are they going to find?

Reputation management should be a part of every business owner’s marketing strategy. After all, if you’re spending the time, money, and effort on building a digital footprint, why wouldn’t you make a plan to protect it?

Our Reputation Management Strategy

We make you look good. Here's how:

Customer Reviews

The customer is always right… right?!?

Well, they might not always be right, but customers do determine whether your business will succeed. Studies show that consumers are 270% more likely to purchase if there are just five reviews for a product or business than if there are no reviews. More reviews equals more trust from “the market” and in this case, “the market” is your customer base.

Our reputation management strategy takes a multi-pronged approach:

  • Collecting reviews from third-party sites and embedding them on your website
  • Removing SPAM and off-topic reviews
  • Creating email campaigns to ask loyal customers for positive reviews
  • Assistance with responding to negative reviews

Why do we focus so much on getting those reviews? Google’s local algorithm uses it as one (of many) factors when deciding which local results to display on the map!

One of the ways we can help shield your brand from negativity being published is by wielding this comprehensive Reputation Management strategy. That way, when some folks aren’t pleased, we can catch them (usually) before a public review, validate their feelings, and encourage them to be a part of making things better for everyone. In many cases, feedback can be very helpful, it just is typically packaged with emotion when someone’s experience wasn’t up to standard. These processes help with that immensely.


Did you know that nearly 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal referrals?

Google My Business Listings

Like it or not, Google is basically the King of the Internet. If you’re not playing their game, you might as well take your ball and go home. The good news, however, is that their game is winnable and the rules are there for all to see.

Google My Business is a free resource that takes nothing more than time and attention to yield clicks to your website and phone calls. Technically, if you really focus up, it can yield MANY phone calls and clicks. Google is very focused on providing real-time, geographically located results for searchers. Why? Because of the immediacy of search these days. People aren’t casually looking for things as frequently. Window shopping is a thing of the past, pre-Amazon. Now, people know what they want and expect to get quality results for that search.

Nine times out of ten, your GMB listing is the first thing potential clients will see when they search your business. So we claim your listing (yup, one already exists), and give it a good Clarity makeover. From there, we outline the necessary weekly and monthly additions to keep your business “top of mind” for the local algorithm. It’s a must.


People read an average of 7 reviews before deciding whether or not to trust a business.

NPS Score

Out of your customers, how many are die-hard fans?

Using a simple survey, we give your customers a Net Promoter Score (NPS) to find out how satisfied they are with your service. This data allows us to craft the right strategies to build customer loyalty.

What is a Net Promoter Score? It is an index that measures the customer experience of your brand and provides the very best data available to connect you to your customer’s experience. This number helps determine the difference between detractors, passive folks, and promoters of your brand, and provides the actionable data to connect with those individuals.

Knowing when and how to engage with your customers and clients is pivotal to your long-term success as a brand.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to know exactly when or how. We’ll be there all along the way to customize the experience to your brand values and make sure that your customers become fans.


Searches with the terms "best" and "right now" via mobile (people searching on phones) have grown triple-digit % the past 2 years!

customer experience.PNG

Customer Service

We didn’t name ourselves “Clarity” for nothing. When it comes to shifts in the marketplace, our eyes are always on the horizon.

We’ll alert you to trends so you can pivot your customer service to customers’ changing expectations. Obstacles in the way? We’ll help you adjust course.

Customer service is nothing new, but the delivery channels in which your valued clients connect with you surely have. Social media wasn’t as relevant five years ago, let alone ten or fifteen! Now, though? You can get direct customer service communication from the CEO of a Fortune 500 company via Twitter. That simply didn’t exist before.

Knowing how to navigate the communication landscape is a specialty of ours because we’ve done it for nearly 15 years for many different businesses. The methods are all about validating concerns, providing solutions, and deploying empathy.

We make it so easy that you literally don’t have to do it. Once you empower us to be there for you, we are your reputation defenders!


A WHOPPING 97% of consumers search online for local businesses. Whoa.

SEO Services

Maybe we sound like a broken record, but SEO really is that good. If you don’t believe us, check out the videos we have on the homepage or our YouTube channel. Organic keyword strategies work better than paid ads over a long time period, and continue to yield results for years.

With a great SEO strategy, negative press gets flooded out so positive content can rise to the top. When you’re in the driver’s seat (and we’re riding shotgun), the power is back where it belongs: in your hands.

Ultimately, SEO is your guardian, your long-term protection to manage your brand’s visibility to anyone searching for anything on the web. Regardless of your services, products, or offerings, a sound SEO strategy can bolster your business by providing the necessary context to answer the questions of your best fit customers and clients. While Local SEO and sitewide SEO are different, connecting the focus keywords from your website pages to your local listings is a great starting point!

If you have any questions about your SEO, text us at 407-233-4464!


Crazy, but true... Only about 5% of people look past the first page of Google search results!

The Good Will Prevail

Unfortunately, every business has to deal with “bad press” from time to time. Whether or not your business can survive depends on one thing: how you respond to it.

Here at Clarity, we believe that the good will prevail and that quality work–with the right assistance–can always overcome negativity.

Founded by Millennials and powered by Gen Z, the Clarity Creative team was raised in a digital world. We’ve seen firsthand the power of the internet at making or breaking your reputation and developed the strategies that can make success possible.

Are you ready to clean up your online presence and take your business to the next level? Us too! Let’s talk.

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