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Wedding Venue Map began as a printed map. That’s right, a paper printed map. It was (and still is!) handed out at wedding shows and is a great asset to helping couples find the place where they’re going to get married.

However, as valuable as paper maps are, when a visionary leader saw an opportunity to take things to the next level and reach people where they are, we couldn’t wait to get involved. Shannon Tarrant spoke the idea into existence, we just coded all the details (and updates) to realize that dream.

The Challenge

The wedding industry is crowded with multi-million (sometimes billion) dollar companies looking to cash in on the search traffic.

The average wedding cost in The United States is now over $20,000 and in Central Florida, that number has increased even more. In order to put Wedding Venue Map on the level with some of the biggest players, the functionality and user experience had to be effortless for the couples excitedly searching for their wedding destination.

The Work

Shannon’s vision was to streamline the venue search for couples seeking an amazing wedding space and to take on the big companies in that space.

Through countless hours of collaboration, meetings, and custom development, we helped launch (and update continuously with new features) a competitor to The Wedding Wire and The Knot, specific to Central Florida (for now), led by a powerful, motivated woman.


Wedding Venue Map


November 2017


Custom Development, Automation, Strategy

The Future

Wedding venue domination. Muhahahahaha!

In all seriousness, Wedding Venue Map began as a way to search and find an amazing wedding venue, but has grown to an automated sales generator, scalable to the vision of its creator, Shannon Tarrant. Where the website and custom program goes is up to her, we’re happy to be along for the ride, adding custom development elements along the way.