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Rick’s Dog Deli has been changing the game for Orlando-area dog owners for years. Crafting a selection of from-scratch dog food right in their College Park kitchen, Rick’s is the go-to place for Central Floridians to nourish their pets.

The love they have for dogs (and their owners) has helped them grow exponentially over the past few years, but the surge in customers caused a few growing pains, too. We were happy to jump in!

The Challenge

When we first met the Rick’s team in 2018, they were rapidly outgrowing their location…and their website. The Shopify platform made it difficult to keep up with delivery and pick-up orders—something the owners were passionate about offering as a convenience to their customers.

Another amazing feature they offer is custom meals to address allergies and special dietary needs, but keeping track of an ever-growing list of unique recipes was proving to be a challenge.

The Work

We started by completely redoing their Shopify site to optimize its performance. SEO for each page, revamped content, and fresh photo and video gave the site a much-needed facelift. We also started a blog that covers canine-related topics that dog owners can use as an expert resource.

Most recently, we built a custom program to help the team keep track of their custom recipes (without relying on an Excel spreadsheet). Since then, they’ve gone from struggling to fulfill five orders a day to thriving with more than 30!

As you can imagine, the Deli’s needs are always changing, which has led to multiple projects over the years, from packaging design to testimonials and and everything in between.


Rick’s Dog Deli


Began April 2018


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The Future

The Rick’s Dog Deli team has always been a family and they welcomed us into that bond early on in our business relationship. We were—and continue to be—honored by the amount of trust they place in us and we do whatever we can to be worthy of it.

Rick’s Dog Deli has come a long way from those early days of keyword discovery and paid ads. Their entire operation has expanded into a new location that’s better able to serve their needs and sales have tripled.

We look forward to seeing what the future has in store for this amazing company and we can wait to be a part of it!