Rick’s Dog Deli

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Rick’s Dog Deli is, simply put, an amazing place for dog owners in Central Florida to nourish their pets. They literally handmake all of the dog food, from treats to custom meals based on very specific dietary or allergie-related needs. The love they have for dogs and their owners clearly shows, as they’ve grown exponentially the past few years. We’ve had the pleasure of working alongside them over the years on everything from packaging designs to testimonials and everything in between!

The Challenge

We met the team from Rick’s in early 2018. Back then, they were rapidly outgrowing their first location, serving enthusiastic dog owners with freshly made, nutritious food, made specifically for cuddly canines. Early on, we helped their website rank organically for keywords and improve their local SEO. The toughest part wasn’t anything other than their meteoric growth and making sure that inquiries and opportunities didn’t backlog their team.

The Future

From those early days of keyword discovery and paid ads to where they are now, with a more comprehensive website, and a desire to become a resource for all dog owners in town, we’ve been working to help create efficiencies within their intensive, custom meal program. Because Rick’s Dog Deli is so in-tune with how different ingredients affect dogs, they offer options to completely customize a meal. They put thousands of hours into developing those formulas and our most recent job has been to use technology to save them some time, with their proprietary process. Exciting stuff!

Who  Rick’s Dog Deli

When  Began April 2018

Where ricksdogdeli.com

What  Content, SEO, PPC, Branding, Dev

The Rick’s Dog Deli team has always been a family and they welcomed us into that bond early on in our business relationship. As we worked alongside Charlie, Hendrik, Kevin, Mark, and the rest of the amazing folks, they always empowered us to “go for it” in terms of what we thought we could bring to the table from the web perspective.

That relationship has grown and grows still, pivoting as needed based on the complicated dynamic of handmaking customize food, at scale. As the deli has grown, they’ve expanded to a new location once already and the future is even brighter than that. Ultimately, they care about the dogs and their owners living fulfilled, healthy lives, and we love to get behind that.