Relocation Made Easy

Custom Web Design, PPC, Branding, & Content

Custom Web Design, PPC, Branding, & Content

Brian, Ian, and Julia of Relocation Made Easy already had a thriving business helping people relocate from Britain to sunny Florida. But when a global pandemic threw a wrench in the works, this well-oiled machine came to a grinding halt.

Thankfully, web-based marketing is right in our wheelhouse, so we were able to come up with the perfect solution to bring hopeful expats to the Sunshine State.

Our comprehensive approach revolutionized their web presence from the ground up, ensuring that Relocation Made Easy can work more easily than ever before.

The Challenge

Pre-2020, RME got the word out by going to expos and talking to potential clients face-to-face. With lockdowns in place, they were suddenly left without a marketing funnel.

But 30+ years of experience means learning a thing or two about business; RME knew that this was the ideal time to pivot to the digital sphere.

To make things extra challenging, this was the first time we had worked with a business overseas. But a few extra time zones didn’t scare us! We jumped right on board to launch them to a new phase.

The Work

Our first step was building a brand-new website, complete with a custom logo that spoke to who they were.

And what’s a website without amazing content? To make sure that search engines (and clients) could find them, we packed their site with fully optimized content. This essentially turned their website into a full-time employee, informing interested patrons about their suite of services.

Finally, we launched a PPC campaign to venture forth into the web and target people who were already interested (but didn’t know where to start). This campaign was so successful, RME eventually had to turn it off because they were getting more calls than they knew what to do with!


Relocation Made Easy


July 2020


Web Design, Content, PPC

The Future

Clarity undoubtedly had a huge impact on the success—and continued growth—of RME.

Through Analytics, they even discovered that leads through PPC are cheaper than the manpower of attending expos. That, coupled with the ability to control ad campaigns as they see fit, gives RME the control they need to dominate the marketplace.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this expat powerhouse and we’re excited to help them get there!