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The Law Office of Brian D. Tadros provides clients with the highest quality legal services in the area of worker’s compensation, hands down. Brian’s personal touch is woven throughout his messaging, marketing, and execution. His reviews speak for themselves, with countless people referencing how Brian and Molly Tadros help so many people with work injury issues.

The Challenge

Workers’ Compensation law may be the neglected field of law, in terms of marketing. You rarely see big billboards with large checks, or major concerts sponsored by a work injury lawyer, but the value of helping people through an injury at work is immense. We aim to breath life into that and help people find an amazing resource for assistance in Brian.

The Future

In the war for eyeballs and ears, we push our clients to give value to their potential connections, so recording Brian talking about workers’ compensation law was a no-brainer. He’s engaging, relatable, and accurate, which is what people need to see (and hear). The proof is in the results, with tens of thousands of views and dozens of comments.


Law Office of Brian D. Tadros


Began February 2018


Branding, Visibility, Content, SEO, Video, +

We met Brian in an amazing networking group. While we hadn’t dabbled in workers’ compensation law, specifically, we’ve been working in the legal space since 2010.

By focusing on the data (we love research), we were able to increase call volume and provide visibility for an amazing business. By wielding Brian and Molly’s passion for customer service and focusing on giving potential clients the most information as possible, we developed a content plan that spanned text, images, and video, ensuring maximum exposure for the brand.