Kid Care Pediatrics

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Custom Web Design and Content

Kid Care Pediatrics is a beacon of quality pediatric care in Texas. With their three locations, they serve thousands of patients and were looking for a website that spoke to their growth and competitive advantages. Their original website was outdated and lacked depth. We dove right in, developing a look and feel that spoke to the most important people to Kid Care… the kids! We felt strongly about their “come grow with us!” statement, not just as a web development agency, but as parents, ourselves.

The Challenge

Connecting with parents is one of the toughest things in marketing, because the market is flooded with content. Children = big business, but the key for Kid Care Pediatrics was to cut through the noise and “hype” and focus on what they can do to bring peace of mind to their parents. They wanted people to arrive on the website and feel like a part of their family.

The Future

Kid Care’s first website wasn’t mobile responsive, didn’t rank for their core keywords, and didn’t show off a growing Texas company in their prime. The future is bright because now Kid Care Pediatrics can be found online via organic search. When people are looking in Keller, Ft. Worth, or Haslet, Texas; Kid Care will have an opportunity to engage and earn their trust. We put together a blog with the Kid Care team that serves both patients and web browsers looking for the best information for their children’s health.

Who  Kid Care Pediatrics

When  Began May 2020


What  Custom Development, Design, and Content

Kid Care Pediatrics came into our lives via referral, another company we work with out of Texas. We were excited to collaborate with Bertha and Dr. Omar Gomez, the husband and wife team behind the organization. They’d grown their team and expanded to three locations, but didn’t have a web presence that matched that scope.

Taking the time to work with Kid Care, remotely, was an epic example of how work never stops, even through a pandemic. We began working together in May of 2020, have never met in person, and continue to succeed in our collaborations via Zoom, email, and phone.