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The Harry Levine Insurance agency has been a leader in the industry in Central Florida for more than three decades. This family-owned and operated business had a great reputation, but wanted to grow their business in exciting new ways.

Jason Levine had recently taken control of the business, and he was eager to make some changes and kickstart the company’s growth.

We were so thrilled to work with the husband-and-wife team behind HLI and flex our SEO muscles!

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The Challenge

When we first met, HLI’s website was functional, but outdated. They also had a rooted lead system, but they were finding it difficult to maintain search rankings with an ever-changing algorithm.

Another priority was educating clients about insurance. With a degree in Risk Management, Jason Levine is a wealth of valuable information, but didn’t have time to devote to maintaining a well-written blog.

The Work

Balancing a new look and feel to a website while maintaining the core ideals of an established business was a welcome test.

We focused on highlighting the second generation and a new, content-driven website that performs well in organic search.

Through a combination of PPC and SEO, we were able to keep the faucet running with leads and even outperform old programs, setting HLI on a path to even more success.

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Harry Levine Insurance


September 2016


Website Redesign, Pay Per Click Advertising, Content Management

The Future

At the beginning of our relationship, insurance was a new industry for us, offering plenty of challenges and highly competitive keywords. But through careful research, we’ve been able to execute high-performing content and marketing campaigns that have delivered in a big way.

A mix of custom, authentic content and an enhanced AdWords program provides a constant flow of new leads to Harry Levine Insurance’s growing list of satisfied customers.

We are proud of the relationship we have with the Levines and are excited to be at the forefront of any new venture they can dream up!