Need to Clean Up Your Gmail Inbox?

Is your Gmail inbox bursting at the seams?

Have you started deleting your most recent emails only to find that you’ve hardly made a dent in the free disk space?

Join the club. It’s time to cast your frustrations aside and utilize a free (and safe) online application that will make it easy for you to clean up your Gmail inbox.

FindBigMail searches out the largest files in your inbox so you can delete them and regain some space. And the process couldn’t be simpler. Once you arrive at the homepage, just type in your Gmail address and click the “Find Big Mail” button. Hit refresh after a minute or so, and FindBigMail will filter your results by file size and send you an email with the results.

The software doesn’t delete, move, or even read any of your emails. It just sorts them, letting you control what gets deleted and what stays. No more 10 MB files taking up unnecessary space!

I had over 30 e-mails from a past client that I no longer do business with. Huge files, just sitting in my inbox. Now that they’re gone, my e-mail system is cleaner, faster, and more organized.

Don’t worry about spyware or cookies; we made sure that FindBigMail closed the connection to the email inbox after it ran its function. FindBigMail was incredibly simple to use, didn’t maintain a connection with my Gmail account after the program ran, has not accessed or used any personal information, and helped create some much-needed space in my email life.

Just another small way to Establish Clarity in your life.


Clarity Creative Group is a web design and internet marketing company located in beautiful Orlando, Florida. Our inbox gets a little out-of-hand sometimes, but we swear a lot of those e-mails are important!




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