Brand Strategy

Anyone can advertise a business, but it takes marketing collaboration to build a brand.

Brand strategy subconsciously communicates your values, goals, and personality, closing the gap between you and your ideal customer. From logo design and color palettes to font pairings and UX, Clarity’s brand strategy helps turn curious consumers into superfans.

Who Are You?

Let's Discover Your Identity

Brand strategy isn’t just about your logo—it’s a holistic look into your business’ reputation, sending subtle messages about your ideals, what you offer, and how you want your customers and clients to feel.

Lighthearted? Professional? Quirky? However you want to portray your business, brand strategy is the key to a clear, consistent message.

Whether you have a clear view of the horizon or dealing with an identity crisis, our custom solutions will create branding you can use in every aspect of your marketing (digital and otherwise).

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What Our Clients Have To Say

The Clarity Creative team looking at the Harry Levine Website while brainstorming during an in person teamer
Lux and Matt of Clarity Creative Group going over some development ideas on a website.
Who We Are

Helping You Build a Brand That Lasts

At Clarity, we’ve built the last 15+ years on a foundation of transparency, accountability, and honesty. Your brand strategy should be an authentic reflection of your business, not a buzzword dreamed up by some marketing agency.

Our approach is fueled by the concepts and principles that are important to you.

Discovering Your Brand Identity By...
Getting To Know Your Business
Listening To Your Feedback
Looking At Your Business As a Whole
Refining Your Reputation

Develop Your Brand Identity

Clarity’s approach to brand strategy looks beyond logo design and font choice (although they’re part of it!) to how your ideal customers see your business. From SEO and reputation management, every aspect of your marketing efforts contribute to a solid brand identity.

Whether you’re just getting off the ground or you’re an established company who’s ready to revamp your image, Clarity’s brand strategy ideas will ensure a cohesive message that’s consistent across all platforms.

The Clarity Creative team brainstorming at a long brown desk in the office.

Holistic Branding

Logo design, color palette, website layout, UX, font choices, tone of voice, YouTube thumbnails…you’d be surprised how much goes into comprehensive branding. At Clarity, we make sure no stone is left unturned.

Seamless Website Integration

We’re great at brand strategy, but we’re web designers first, which means every concept we have can be easily integrated into your website.

A Well-Rounded Business

Orlando Brand Strategy

When it comes to establishing your online presence, having a consistent, memorable brand identity is key to being heard above the competition.

Website Redesigns

Whether you’re building a business from the ground up or polishing up a website you’ve had for years, our approach raises brand awareness, improves UX, and is always mobile responsive.

Brand Consulting

Things change quickly online. Making sure that your digital presence keeps up with the times is key for building lead funnels that convert into sales for your business. We love putting our 15+ years of experience to work for you.


Sometimes, a new perspective can change the entire game. Many of the largest companies in the world have rebranded, some several times. Marketing is an ongoing, living, breathing aspect of your business success.

Are you building your business or a brand?

Make A Statement.