Podcast: Episode 20 – To App or Not to App?

We’ve made it to lucky Episode 20! What? 20 isn’t a lucky number? Well, fine. Be that way. Enjoy the episode. Our Tool of the Episode is Elevate, a fun brain training app where you can play your way to a smarter you. With both free and paid versions, you have plenty of options to […]

Podcast: Episode 19 – Business Networking

What up, what up? Welcome to Episode 19! We got lots to talk about in this episode. Our Tool of the Episode is Full Contact, a super useful way to organize your wallet or car console and get those loose business cards exactly where you want and need them: your phone! You’ll not only look […]

Podcast: Episode 18 – Offline Marketing Ideas & Tips

We are back! We’re always excited about our Tool of the Episode, but Genius Scan is one we use almost daily in the office. This awesome app lets you scan paper documents using just your phone’s camera. Then, you can export it to your email, Google Drive account, and more at just the touch of a […]

Podcast: Episode 17 – Using Your Website For Marketing

We’re super excited about our Tool of the Episode this week. If you need some help deciding when and what to post on your social media accounts to promote your web content, MissingLettr has got. You. Covered. It’s easy. It’s free. It’s what Clarity uses. Get on board. For our Deep Dive this week, we […]

Podcast: Episode 16 – Getting Traffic to Your Website

Our tool of the episode is Quill Engage, a new way to simplify complex reports (like Google Analytics) in a way that anybody can understand. For our Deep Dive this week, we discuss the immediate and long-term ways to increase traffic to your website. (Spoiler alert, you might want to get thee a digital marketing […]