TECHxploration Episode 21: All Things Technology with Marco Santana from

In this very special episode, Mike joins Craig to discuss the insanity in the headlines. With FTX now bankrupt, how does this affect the entire cryptocurrency landscape? Also—since everyone else is talking about it, we throw in our two cents on the Twitter debacle.

Next, we had so much fun chatting with Tech News founder Marco Santana! Covering tech news in his journalism career created a lifelong love of tech, so we were able to geek out on all the cool changes that have occurred in Orlando in the past several years. And because we’re all gamers, we couldn’t let too much time go by without discussing video games, the Metaverse, and Augmented Reality.

We also talked about the work Marco is doing at Orlando Tech News, covering the major tech-related headlines happening in and around Central Florida. Orlando hasn’t gotten a lot of attention from the tech world, but Marco reminded us that it’s emerging as a contender.

If you liked this conversation, stay tuned! We expect this isn’t the last time we’ll talk to Marco.


Hosts: David Forman (COO) and guest co-host Mike Thomas (Content Project Manager) of Clarity Creative Group in Orlando, FL

Executive Producer: Jaime (“Jemmy”) Legagneur, Chief Enthusiasm Officer

Producer: Amber Amortegui, Lead Content Producer at Flint Stone Media

Guest: Marco Santana of Orlando Tech News

Links: Marco’s Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Links: Orlando Tech News Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

News Link: FTX files for bankruptcy and Twitter aims to get profitable, $8 at a time

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