TECHxploration Episode 14: The Boss Lady, Podcasting Tech, Course Automation, Heated Carseats … Oh My!

We start off weighing in on the microtransaction debate and shared our thoughts on BMW charging monthly for heated seats. Are we being nickle-and-dimed? Or is this a cost-saving idea for those of us who live in a state with no winter?

Next, we had the pleasure of chatting with Teresa Rand (a.k.a. The Boss Lady), who we met at PodFest. After a decade as CEO of a Georgia branch of the YMCA, this successful entrepreneur made the leap to consulting. Now, as the host of The Boss Lady Podcast, she helps women use their skills for business success.

We were definitely in our element as we chatted about marketing, branding, and digital solutions to real-world problems. Yes, there is tech out there that makes podcasting easier, streamlines scheduling and payments, and spreads the word about what you do!

We also spent some time geeking out about bourbon, which led to an enlightening discussion about the role of women in business and how men can support and mentor them (without mansplaining).


Hosts: Craig Brooks (CEO) and David Forman (COO) of Clarity Creative Group in Orlando, FL

Executive Producer: Jaime (“Jemmy”) Legagneur, Chief Enthusiasm Officer

Producer: Amber Amortegui, Lead Content Producer at Flint Stone Media

Guest: Teresa Rand of The Boss Lady Podcast

Link: Boss Lady Women’s Leadership Conference

Link: Teresa Rand Consulting

Link: Teresa’s LinkedIn

News Link: Micro Transactions in the Automotive world … BMW tryin’ to get that heated seat money

Tech Tip: Accessing the emoji palette with Amy Kirkland of the Elle Collective | Episode 11: An Amazing Women’s Entrepreneur Program in Central Florida

Voice Over Artist: Jorge Hernandez

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