Tasty Trivia

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Launching a Brand

Back in 2011, Tasty Trivia was simply one person hosting a single trivia show each week. Now, a team of 10 handle up to 30 weekly events. The website functions as a promotional piece for events as well as a source of information and hints for guests. Thousands of unique visitors view the website each month, after 6 years of growth, updates, and new additions.

The Challenge

Getting the word out about weekly trivia events is always difficult. A custom-built event function on the website allows for each event to get recognition, complete with dates, times, a map to the venue, and specific information catered to the location. Taking things a step further, each post is ready for SEO optimization, efficiently built to generate web traffic.

The Hints

The most visited page on the Tasty Trivia website is the Daily Hints blog. Hundreds of players on any given day will read the blog and benefit from the available information. This constant traffic and continuous content development has pushed Tasty Trivia to top search rankings for the most searched keywords pertaining to trivia in the Orlando area. The website is a lead generator without external marketing efforts.


Tasty Trivia


October 10, 2011


Brand Launch, Website, SEO

Starting from scratch, Tasty Trivia needed traffic and credibility.

The sleek, modern design took care of the credibility and the focused SEO efforts ensured that traffic was never going to be a problem. Years later, Tasty Trivia is still growing, adding more and more events to the calendar and posting hints daily for all the Tasty Trivia players in Central Florida.