Harry Levine Insurance

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Lead Generation, Building Business

The Harry Levine Insurance agency has been a leader in the industry in Central Florida for more than two decades. When we first met, their website was functional, but outdated. From new design to managing advertising campaigns, we’ve growth with the new online presence of Harry Levine Insurance.

The Challenge

Balancing a new look and feel to a website while maintaining the core ideals of an established business was a welcome test. We focused on what was next for Harry Levine Insurance, highlighting the second generation and a new, content-driven website that performs well in organic search.

The Future

Harry Levine Insurance had a rooted lead system, but as changes were made in organic search rankings, enhancements were necessary. We were able to step in, keep the faucet running with leads and even outperform old programs, setting HLI on a path to even more success.


Harry Levine Insurace


23 September, 2016


Website Redesign, Pay Per Click Advertising, Content Management

At the beginning of our relationship, insurance was a new industry for us, offering new challenges with highly competitive keywords.

Through careful research, we’ve been able to execute high-performing content and campaigns. A mix of custom, authentic content and an enhanced AdWords program provides a constant flow of new leads to Harry Levine Insurance’s growing list of satisfied customers.