Getting to Know Zeneca_33

Welcome, friends, to another episode of Odds and Ends, a Proof of Update podcast. If you’re looking for a daily update on all things PROOF, subscribe today ( cuz it’s free… and awesome. This episode is a real treat for me, personally. I met Zeneca_33 during the summer of 2021, which is affectionately known as Artblocks summer. His spreadsheets and analysis were amazingly helpful in my NFT journey and when he opened his Discord, I was in there as soon as possible. Watching him build ZenAcademy from the beginning has been exciting and rewarding. Ed and I had the opportunity to jam with Zen on a wide array of topics, from his 15-year poker career to building his business and scaling to 17 team members. We even find out his favorite movie and how he feels about YouTube right now. If you get a kick out of getting to know phenomenal humans… stick with us here…

Wow. Again, a big, big thank you to Zeneca and Ed for the conversation. I enjoy these chats so much and can’t wait for more! If you are diggin’ it as well, subscribe! Odds and Ends is availalbe on Apple, Spotify, and most other places you listen to podcasts. Heck, you could totally leave a review or tell a friend and that would be very amazing, too. Totally up to you. No pressure… and seriously, feel free to reach out in the Oddities discord channel and say hi, I’m Classic_Craig. Have a great rest of your week!

You can find Zeneca_33 on Twitter and YouTube (YouTube:


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