Getting to Know Sourpapi

Well, friends… you’re in for a real treat, because, quite literally, I was like a kid in a candy store listening to SourPapi and Ed tell stories about their early entry points into the crypto landscape. And when friends with 15+ years of experience start tellin’ tales… and that thing they’re talking about is something you’re super interested in…it’s just awesome. But, because so much of the convo in this episode was crypto-related, I just have to say that nothing you’ll hear is financial advice, just the opinions of individuals. So, without further ado, welcome to another episode of Odds and Ends, the OG episode, where I had the absolute pleasure of learning from 2 amazing people, from their Polish connection to all of us being in Dead Birds Society, this epic conversation really felt like three friends just jammin’ for a bit. This is Getting to know SourPapi.

From the DAO hack of ethereum to Stranger Things activations, we covered so many subjects and this episode was our first OG spectacular, where Ed and Sourpapi literally blew my mind with stories. Papi also dropped some sweet hints at amazing things to come from Dead Birds Society, a sub-parliament that Ed and I are also in. End to end, this episode was so fun and I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, please subscribe and leave a review if you can; otherwise maybe just share it with a friend or two, why not? Either way, make sure you have an amazing week!

Sourpapi is awesome, so check out his irl work here:

This is direct access to his sneak peak for an upcoming NFT drop:

and there is an amazing Dead Birds Society event coming August 25th:


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