Getting to Know Sodapop

Welcome to another episode of Odds and Ends, a proof of Update podcast. For your daily update on all things PROOF, subscribe today ( Ed and I are literally thrilled to have the legendary Sodapop (@myrainbowsoda on Twitter) on the pod. The conversation was phenomenal, considering we nearly learned just how many people Sodapop has kicked in the chest, what she did before PROOF, and what life is like being married to a fine artist (@healingvisions on Twitter). We dove into her role at PROOF, found out her favorite places to travel to in the World, since she’s been nearly everywhere, and even how she got her name, so keep listening and enjoy!

Huge Thank you to Sodapop for joining us. We really loved getting to know her and we hope you did, as well. If you did, please subscribe to this podcast and leave a review, if you have a moment. Heck, tell a friend or two… we’re getting to know cool peeps! We’ll be speaking with many more awesome folks in the near future and episodes will drop every Monday morning. If you’re interested in being on, reach out to me in Discord or on Twitter, Classic_Craig. Have a great rest of your day and week!


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