Getting to Know Ryan Carson

Good morning, afternoon, or night! Welcome, welcome to another episode of Odds and Ends, a proof of Update podcast. proof of Update ( is your one-stop-shop for information about all things PROOF, written by Ed, aka bitfloorsghost on Twitter and Discord. On today’s episode, we get to Know Ryan Carson (, the founder of 121G (, an NFT venture fund. Ryan also hosts an epic NFT Shark Tank style show on Twitter Spaces that is an amazing way for people to learn about projects and really hear the tough questions that should be asked of fledgling businesses. Of course, Ryan loves Back to the Future and we dive into that, but you’ll also love to hear what other movies he loves, and most importantly, we’re excited for you to hear his take on mental health, kindness, and the NFT space overall. Enjoy!

We are so grateful to Ryan for coming on the show. To be honest, all of the guests have been incredible, providing their honest thoughts and feelings on subjects that are all over the spectrum, not just NFTs. It’s been awesome and Ed and I are hyped to keep it flowin’. If you like the podcast, please leave a review and subscribe wherever you listen… because it is super helpful. Also, if you have a friend that might like it, we wouldn’t be mad if you told ’em. Thank you so much for listening! Have a wonderful rest of your week!


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