Getting to Know Praetor

Dang it, I love doing this show because the people I get to meet in this space are incredible. First and foremost, Ed was under the weather, but will absolutely be back in action as soon as he is back to 100%. I love Ed. It’s known. It is also known that Proof of Update is the single best resource for Moonbirds, Oddities, and PROOF daily information on the planet. These are simply facts. Subscribe today ( with the link in the show notes. I also love Praetor ( an incredible individual who happens to also be one of the Community Managers of ZenAcademy, an amazing company built on the foundation of education in the web3 space. Praetor took us through his background in web2 from the finance side of things all the way to his love of art, Legos, and Pulp Fiction. From start to finish, this conversation was fun as heck. This is Getting to Know Praetor.

Is that an awesome human or what? I love these conversations. Getting to learn about cool people in this space is very fun. I’m semi-addicted to it. If you want to get to know more awesome people, too, why not subscribe to this podcast? It’s available wherever you listen to podcasts. Now, if you got this point, you likely listened to the entire episode. If you dug it, a review would really help us get it out to more people. If it wasn’t your cup of tea, no worries. Hit me up on Twitter (Classic_Craig) or Discord with your feedback! I’m here to grow and learn. You have an excellent week!


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