Getting to Know Hot Wings

Welcome to an extra special episode of Odds and Ends, our first dual guest show! That’s right, two guests for the price of one. This show is brought to you by Proof of Update, the only daily PROOF newsletter for updates on everything Moonbirds, Oddities, and more. Subscribe today by following Ed on Twitter ( Our guest today are Kevin and John, stewards of The Hot Wings Collective (, a sub-parliament of Moonbirds responsible for one of the most memorable community-led events in NYC. We got to pick their brains about movies, live events, the future of blockchain technology, and so much more. This was a super excellent conversation and because I want to show some love, big thanks to not just Ed and our guests, but our producer Brian. Enjoy the episode.

SO many thanks go out to John, Kevin, and Ed for the epic conversation. Making new friends in this space is fun. Each week, we’re meeting people, sharing stories, and learning more about one another. I love it. If you do too, please subscribe to the podcast, leave a review, and share it with a friend you think might be interested. Crush it this week!

Check out Kevin and John’s podcast here:

Ed’s movie recommendation – Blue Ruin –


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