Getting to Know David Braun

It is simply amazing when you can talk to someone and span the topics of beer, Better Call Saul, Dirk Nowitzki, and how CrossFit is just like crypto and NFTs before you even get to psychedelics. Truly, getting the chance to meet incredibly cool people with my friend Ed is awesome. Welcome to another episode of Odds and Ends, your favorite Proof of Update podcast… If you haven’t signed up for the Proof of Update newsletter yet, what are you even doing? In all seriousness, this episode’s guest, David (, is an incredible human that encourages a fantastic conversation that connects all sorts of dots. As usual, nothing you hear on this podcast is financial advice, just the thoughts and opinions of the speakers. Please enjoy getting to know David.

Many thanks to David and Ed for their time and excellence in conversation. I know that things can get strange in the NFT space and this podcast is really designed for the people here… to listen and get to know other people here… and maybe encourage them to connect. Send a DM, make a friend or two, because it’s way more fun to hang out with friends than not and if we all hang out here, cool things may just get built around us or even with us. Have a great week and don’t forget to subscribe, leave, a review, or tell a friend about this podcast, available wherever you listen to poddies.


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