Meet the Clarity Team: Madie Brassler

World, meet Team Clarity

You know our work. You love it. But you don’t really know us.

Which is a shame, because Clarity is made up of a bunch of really awesome peeps, some of whom you might never get to meet.

So we decided to change that and introduce you to the faces behind the websites. The people who make it all happen.

This month, we’d love to introduce you to Clarity’s Office Manager, Madie Brassler.

Madie Brassler

What is your education/background?
Business! BSBA in General Business, MBA with a concentration in Human Resources, and a bit of Dance Studies thrown in there, too. (I’ll always be a JU Dolphin at heart!)

If you could give yourself an unofficial title, what would it be?
The Gatekeeper.

What is the best/most unusual job you’ve ever had?
The best job I’ve ever had was being the store manager/bartender for my father’s small business because I got to work side-by-side with my dad!

What is your work philosophy? 
“Fake it ’til you make it!” Wait…that’s probably not what you wanted to hear, huh? 🙂

What do you love most about working for Clarity Creative Group?
The people & the culture! After “growing up” around small businesses and working in the corporate world for almost nine years, it feels like home to be back working for a small business but knowing I’m part of something making a big impact!

What is the coolest project you’ve worked on for Clarity?
All of them. With every new project, I learn something new and sometimes even get to learn and develop new some techy skills!

How do you stay organized/productive?
Lists, notes, reminders, color-coding, spreadsheets, music, coffee, snacks…

What fuels you? (Coffee? Recognition?)
Who doesn’t like being recognized for their efforts?! But nothing big and fancy, just the small gesture of saying ‘Good job’ works for me! And maybe an occasional iced coffee or a cupcake.

What small things make your day better?
Anything on the positive scale, whether it’s silly, non-work related banter between co-workers or an unexpected pop in my back while sitting at my desk.

What company do you wish we had as a client?
Orlando Ballet Company or Capezio (or any dance-related company). Dance is my jam.

What website do you visit most often?

Do you have a favorite podcast/blog/publication/etc. to help you keep up with your industry?
I’ve started listening to The Modality Podcast with Stephen Holmes. He touches on business, marketing, creative design, inspiration and a little bit of his personal/family life. Plus, he’s a friend of a friend, which makes it kinda cool, too!

What do you wish our clients knew about you/your job?
I’m human. I do make mistakes but I learn from them and strive to do better each and every time we interact.

Are you more left-brained or right-brained?

Do you have any pets?
Yes, I have a beautiful, orange, blind cat named Lali Puna (Lali, for short) and a fawn Bull Mastiff named Hank.

Do you have a favorite animal?
Dolphins and dragonflies.

What are your hobbies?
Running, baking & dance – it’s all about balance! (Sometimes quite literally!) 🙂

What is your worst habit/quality?
I’m naturally very sensitive and shy.

Do you collect anything?
I collect wooden dance figures/mini-statues from places that I visit, as well as porcelain ballerina dolls.

What hobbies would you like to take up if time/money were no issue?
Travel the world!

If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with your extra time?
Bake more. I love to be creative with flavors and my decorating skills need some improvement!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I’d split my time between being beachside in some tropical paradise and a house in the mountains of Tennessee or North Carolina.

What do you totally geek out over?

What is your favorite song/band?
I can never answer this question. I have so many favorites in so many genres. My musical interests range from Disney music to gangsta rap and everything in between!

What is your favorite show/What are you binge watching?
I’ve watched (& re-watched) Gilmore Girls about four or five times, same with Friends. I also enjoy the baking shows like Nailed It! and the Great British Baking Show.

What is your favorite vacation destination?
My uncle’s lake house in West Virginia!

What is your favorite part of the day?
Hmm…lunch? 🙂 I’m not sure I have a favorite part of the day. And we don’t have time for my deep philosophical breakdown of my day so…haha!

Do you have a catchphrase? If so, what is it?
I’m not sure I have one.

What fun fact would most people be surprised to learn about you?
I’m a competitive ballroom dancer, I was in a sorority in college (Go Chi O!), and I’ve studied dance in France and Germany.

What three things would you bring to a desert island?
Matches, a knife, & a fishing pole.

If you won the lottery, what’s the first thing you would do?
Pay off my student loans!

What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?
That people always guess that I’m younger than I am. Thank you, parents, for good genes!

If you weren’t doing this job, what would you be doing?
Who knows? But I’m sure I wouldn’t be enjoying it as much as I am here!

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