15+ Digital Marketing Tools Every Small Business Owner Should Know

We all want to get more done in less time.

Now, thanks to these digital marketing tools, you can!


Where would Indiana Jones be if he didn’t have his whip?

Or Harry Potter without his wand?

Who is Tony Stark without his iron suit (other than a genius/billionaire/playboy/philanthropist)?

Clarity doesn’t have weapons, wands, or insane engineering skills, but we do have a bunch of cool software…and we know how to use it. Not only do these digital marketing tools save us a ton of time, they make great work possible.

But we don’t want to keep this to ourselves!

We’ve compiled 16 of our favorite softwares across five unique areas: Productivity, SEO, Content, Video Production, and Social Media. No matter where you’re at in terms of business growth, we can guarantee you that one of these tools will revolutionize your daily operations!



Digital Tools for Productivity


When you’re as busy as we are, every second counts. Throw in the unique challenges of working remotely (and occasionally, across state lines) and you have the makings of a real pickle.

Sound familiar?

However, by investing in the right software, your collaboration will practically run on autopilot.

Perhaps you’re struggling to delegate and monitor tasks across an ever-growing team (and Post-It notes just aren’t cutting it).

Or maybe you’re considering learning shorthand just to make sure that meeting notes are comprehensive (and legible).

Then again, you could be having difficulty communicating to remote employees and clients exactly what needs to be done (without doing it yourself).

You probably already know how difficult it can be to grow your business—not to mention maintain the status quo—without the right procedures and tools in play. The softwares on this guide can solve each of these problems and more!

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Digital tools for SEO


At this point, Google is practically our native language. Search engine optimization is just that important to us. But we didn’t learn it all by osmosis.

SEO is all about playing the long game. And just like playing in the big leagues, there’s a lot more to a winning strategy than “score the most points.”

It starts with preliminary research to gather the raw data: keywords, organic traffic, difficulty scores, top-ranking competitor pages, LSIs, you name it. That data is integrated into every stage of our work, and—when combined with our industry knowledge—fuels your site to rack up the views!

But that’s only the beginning.

While it’s impossible to replicate what happens when you have a full team of local SEO professionals working for you, the tools found on this guide are an excellent starting point.



Digital tools for content writing


It doesn’t matter who you are or what line of work you’re in: you can’t have good SEO without great content. The trouble is, there aren’t that many business owners with Writing degrees.

Don’t worry, there’s software for that, too!

Although we have a clever and creative staff of content writers who are capable of writing eloquently on just about any topic, there are times when even professionals need a little help (hey, writer’s block is a real thing).

Fortunately, we have some technological assistance that helps us generate blog ideas, create outlines, rewrite sentences, and even proofread.

So easy, even an MBA could do it!



Digital Tools for video


Videos aren’t just for YouTube anymore. You can use them for social media or even adding a little “sparkle” to websites. Branching out into podcasting? We’ve got some suggestions for you, too!

You don’t need a Video Production Assistant to get excellent results (or, in some cases, even a video camera). Modern software makes it possible for anyone to transform blog posts and/or podcasts into visual presentations.

And if you’re more into creating, streaming, and editing videos, we’ve found software to help with that, too!



Digital tools for social


Like it or not, mingling with people—in-person and virtually—is essential in business.

But when you’re responsible for posting across multiple platforms (multiple times a week), things can get a little hectic.

Enter: Social media management software!

We’ve used a few tools over the years, but we’ve finally found the options that transform social media accounts from bucking broncos to tame, gentle ponies. (Example Tools: Buffer, Hoosuite, Agorapulse)

Collaborate with teammates to craft the perfect message, manage all of your profiles in one place, and schedule posts over the next few weeks so you never have to scramble for a last minute post again!



Digital Marketing Tools To the Rescue!

No one ever said saving the day would be easy. But with the right digital marketing tools, being your own hero just got a whole lot easier.

You might not be able to get your hands on a magic wand, vibranium shield, or sonic screwdriver, but you can download some software, so it’s kinda the same thing.

Download our free software guide to learn which tools would be best for your business. Curious about how to master these tools? Need some help strategizing your own success? We can help! Give us a call so we can get to know you better.

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