Understanding the Net Neutrality Debate

Last week, the FCC came to a decision on the net neutrality issue that’s been debated by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), politicians, and techies since 2002. The weeks leading up to the debate saw heated discussion of the pros and cons of net neutrality, with pundits and talk show hosts and even the White House […]

Using Pinterest For Business

There’s a lot of buzz about social media these days, and for good reason. What better way is there to show off your quirky, casual side while marketing your business for low (or even no) cost? But with the world all a-twitter about Facebook and…well, Twitter, we think there’s a social media network that you’re […]

Basic Computer Care

At Clarity, we get asked just as many questions about how to care for computers as we do about pay-per-click campaigns. As it turns out, basic computer care isn’t common knowledge. But whether you’re a business owner or a high school student trying to write an essay, caring for your computer is important if you […]

Don’t Climb Everest Alone…Hire a Consultant

Let’s say you want to climb Mt. Everest. The first thing you do is go online (or visit a library, if you’re old-school) and research anything and everything related to mountain climbing. You check internet forums, browse product descriptions, read reviews, and even ask a few questions on a Reddit thread. You’re fully and completely […]

Do I Really Need a Mobile App?

Being in the “tech business,” we get a lot of questions about mobile apps. Most of the time, people are just idly curious about the type of work we do. The ones who are really trying to be movers and shakers in their industry usually ask whether we can help them create an app and […]