The Dangers of Running a DIY Business

Running a small business calls for wearing a lot of hats. You’re the owner, the manager, the accountant. You’re also HR, sales, administrative assistant, social media guru…the list goes on and on. For the most part, this is great. Being aware of all the different spheres of your business helps you keep everything running smoothly […]

How to Use Social Media For Business

If you’ve been on the web long enough to stumble across this article, you’ve heard a lot about social media. Maybe you have a Facebook page or a Twitter account, and you’ve figured out how to post statuses, like comments, share photos, and more. But do you really know what you’re doing when it comes […]

Website Redesign: Gamble or Sure Bet?

Is a website redesign a gamble or a sure bet?

Last year, on my first trip to Vegas, I had a sudden realization: there are gamblers and there are not gamblers. My friend, Rachel (my companion on the trip), is a gambler. She has fun sitting at a blackjack table and deciding whether to hit or stay. I am not a gambler. In my mind, every dollar […]

How to Find an Orlando Web Design Company

A quick search for “Orlando web design” in Google brings up more than 78 million results. It’s a lot to sift through if you’re looking for a quality web designer in The City Beautiful. And how exactly are you supposed to find the one that’s right for you? Do you have to sign a contract, […]

Going for Gold: 5 Tips for Olympic Business Success

You’ve been waiting your whole life for this moment. The atmosphere is electric with both tension and anticipation. This is your chance to finally prove your worth as a competitor, to shut down all the naysayers who said you couldn’t get this far, to achieve the dream you’ve been working for. You’re going for gold. […]