What "The Dress" Can Teach You About Your Business

In late February of 2015, the Internet lost its collective mind over “The Dress.” No, it wasn’t a skimpy, daring number worn by an A-list celebrity. It wasn’t due to a wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet or even a new fashion trend. This dress…was magic. Posted by Tumblr user Swiked, the dress has been […]

Fall Back In Love With Your Business

fall back in love with your business

It’s easy to let love and passion fall by the wayside, especially after a few years together. Oh, sure, things start out hot n’ heavy. You invest time, money, energy. You can’t eat or sleep. Nothing gets in the way of you and your beloved business. But after a while, things aren’t going so well. […]

How to Respond to a Bad Review

About a week ago, the Clarity staff went on a little weekend beach retreat. We noticed a little French bakery had gotten some amazing Yelp reviews, so we decided to give them a try for breakfast. While waiting for our breakfast sandwiches, we all noticed a little Plexiglas box hanging on the wall. Inside, was […]

Don’t Climb Everest Alone…Hire a Consultant

Let’s say you want to climb Mt. Everest. The first thing you do is go online (or visit a library, if you’re old-school) and research anything and everything related to mountain climbing. You check internet forums, browse product descriptions, read reviews, and even ask a few questions on a Reddit thread. You’re fully and completely […]

How to Prioritize Your Work Day

Let me start off with a question: What did you get done yesterday? Was it important? A few of you might have a list of excuses; some of you may be scratching your heads. A good number of you might be working really hard, but you’re putting out too many fires during the day to […]