7 Hints Your Website Was Built In 2001 – Updating Old Websites

Do me a favor and pull out your high school yearbook. Yikes! Is that your real hair?! What were you thinking? Well, at least you’ve changed your style a few times since then. Now, imagine you didn’t. You still have that same, ridiculous mullet and those pleated, acid-washed jeans. Would you go on a date […]

Thumbtack.com: 30 Days Later

This blog post is an update from our previous one, Trying Out Thumbtack.com Well, we gave it the old college try. At first glance, Thumbtack.com looked to be an easy way to shop for new clients without having to go out and pound the pavement. I mean, if you can shop for bank loans, spouses, […]

Happy Thanksgiving – 6 Black Friday Shopping Tips

Tom Turkey is the main character today, but after the dishes are done and the football games are over, many of you are gearing up for the biggest shopping day of the year: Black Friday! Woohoo! …Right? I know, I know, a lot of you really do enjoy running frantically from store to store at […]


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