How to Write a Blog Post Like a Pro [An 8-Step Guide]

Blog writers should be, well...good writers. If you can't write, it might be time to call in the pros.

You’ve heard a lot about content and why it’s king of the web world. But maybe you’re skeptical of the cost. Or distrustful of an outsider taking over your web presence. Maybe you just want to maintain control over your website. Regardless of your reasons, you want your blog to be on par with the […]

5 Skills Your Web Company Should Have

When people ask what type of business I’m in, I usually tell them “web design.” But what do I mean by that? Everyone has a different meaning of what “web design” really means. Back in 1997, all you needed was for one guy to crank out a website and boom, your fledgling business was a […]

6 Ways to Keep Your Website Secure

You give a lot of thought to your website: how to write great content, whether it’s time for a redesign, and how you can get the biggest bang for your buck. But how much thought do you give to keeping all that information safe? In an era where hackers can be anyone from the kid […]

12 Ways to Improve Your Business in 2016

2016 has dawned, bringing with it plenty of hope and expectations for another great year. While friends and family are hitting the gym, perhaps now is a good time for you to hit the books and come up with a business plan for the upcoming year. We’ve come up with 12 ways to improve your […]

5 Questions To Ask Before a Website Redesign

Here at Clarity, before we even think about redesigning a website for one of our clients, we like to sit down with them and have a little chat about it first. It’s during these consultations that we discover the client’s expectations as well as their issues with the current website, and we get to flex […]